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Grumpy Old Man!

You know how we tend to get pissed off easily when we're hungry?

Well, I bet nothing could compare to this one grumpy old man I know. When he's hungry, he's like a big bad bear waiting to pawn on his opponents. He's like so so grumpy that you can't even joke around without offending him in some way or another. Heh menyampah!

To Mr. Grumpy Man, I'm officially not talking to you until the time you can stop being grumpy. Phbttt!


  1. Hi Mama, why not beli box of biscuits or bananas for this grumpy old man, ha ha. Or bread.....
    Anyway, you just stay easy and have a pleasant puasa month.
    Best regards, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  2. haha i kalau org mcm ni malas nk layan..kena tunggu perut dia kenyang dulu..:p

  3. hahahaha... jgnlah marah2 puasa nih.... hihihi.... senyum sikit... cak?!

  4. Selamat berpuasa. Salam ziarah ramadhan dari ghimau :)

  5. ermmm will i be seeing this Grumpy-Old-Man this saturday!!??!!??

  6. ya ampun.. hehe ni yang orang kata singa lapar ekk ops.. :D

  7. ohohoho, kalau grumpy, kita just bodoh je. later later, sure he will look for you one!

  8. uncle mama : the problem is he's only grumpy during the day when he's fasting! tsk tsk tsk

    liana : haaa kalau i malas layan terus, boleh? :-p

    fizamior : *senyum kelat* ;-)

    ghimau : salam ramadhan too!

    papakeechee : yesssss you will!!!!!!!!

    lady : haaa singa sagnat tau! hahaha

    shOPAholic mama : haaa now tgh buat bodo gak. he has been tellinG The little guy i majuk. hohoho

  9. hahahaha.. i blk cpt on the 1st ramadhan then i terjumpa tis kind of grumpy gak.. nyiampahhh tau gitu punye gaya dia, aku jaga kedai smpai mlm phhtt gakk hahahhaa

  10. ely : kan kan! ni grumpy sebab lapar...penyakit keturunan lah nih! hehe



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