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Iftar at our house

I thought we would not be hosting any bukak puasa event this year. But it just so happened that my dad's birthday fall on this month and so I thought what best way to celebrate it than having Iftar together, isn't it?

So we planned a potluck at my house, and the big guy BOUGHT chicken briyani while the rest bring other dishes to complement it. It was fun, and the best part was it wasn't so tiring because ramai tolong basuh pinggan the food was store-bought! Hahaha!

I've been telling the little guy earlier that today is tok abah's birthday and once he arrives, you gotta sing him the birthday song. But he refused to accept the fact that it was somebody's else birthday and NOT HIS, so he had been giving me his long face until he saw the birthday card my sister got for our father. with his name in it. So he finally accepted the fact that it was his granddad's birthday, BUUUTTT his name was in the card wishing him a Happy Birthday. He was all satisfied then! Haha! Such an attention-seeker!

It was nice to gather with the family but still many of the siblings were not around. And all of the little guy's cousins weren't there so he got to be the center of attention tak lah meriah sangat kan! But we still had fun!

 See~ Very the menyibuk nak bukak hadiah tok abah dia! Jatuh henfon tu kang sapa nak ganti?!? Mak tak sangguppp!

 Then sibuk nak testing baju baru his granddad too! Tsk tsk

The next day, we had my in-laws over for bukak puasa pulak! I cooked simple-simple only lah! Tu pun penat k! I made nasi tomato and ayam masak merah plus my signature fried chicken and seriously I had no time to sit down and mingle so much as there was so much cleaning up to do afterwards. Nak ambik gambaq pun tak sempat! 

It was sure tiring hosting 2 Iftar consecutively, but I was satisfied because we get to give food for orang berpuasa. Alhamdulillah. Hope for more rezeki to host such events in the future.

What about you guys? Ada hosting any Iftar recently?


  1. masak nasik tomato, ayam merah simple?? uiii bg i dh grand sgt dh tuuu hahahhaha

    ok irfan comel!

  2. wah tabik spring la kat u.. i tak buat jamuan iftar lagi panggil adik2 ipar makan hehehe.. i kalau masak banyak2 ni i jadi gelabah semacam tatau la pasaipa..

  3. hehehe..
    tahun ni blom ada lg acara buka pose ramai2..
    tggu minggu terakhir pose kot,
    pulunnnnn ;p

  4. looks happening la. best kan buka puasa ramai2. i weekend je sure balik kampung. tapi main tunjuk2 je kat bazaar.hehehe

  5. iftar ramai2 & potluck mmg best! :D cant wait for my iftar ramai2 esok & lusa :D

  6. probably this sunday ... ok??? hehhe

  7. seronok yer ade org dtg umah berbuka..wpun amska simple tp puas hati dpt menjamu org..xde pun org dtg umah sy bebruka..

    amboi irfan..konsep irfan..birthday mu birtday ku jua..

  8. i baru buat utk my BFF last sunday...:)
    this coming saturday..nak buat kat umah my nenek..and i plan to cook laksa johor for them..:)

  9. family time!!enjoyed kan.. :)

  10. hahaha...ada hati nak pakai baju tok abah.
    i am planning for an iftar this friday. alang2 cuti nuzul quran. mai la...mai la...(hehe, saja dengki sbb tau u jauh)

  11. hahaha lawak irfan. dgn pampers dia tuh.. ahahahahah

  12. kami sepatutnya hosting iftar next weekend tp nak ngelat boleh?..hahaha..x confident nk masak bg org makan posa2 ni. lgpun the next day dh nk blk kg..

  13. whoah you host back to back iftar?
    then you cook like that, you said simple??

  14. i think i rela oder je dari masak sendiri since skill memasak pun baru nak develop. Bukan apa takut anak sendiri kutuk depan2 semua orang "mommy its not delicious!"




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