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Adegan mencuit hati di tengah malam : Twisties Mesti Mau!

Time : 12.30 am. last night.
The ambient : Dark and suspense, macam dalam cerita hantu omputih

After cleaning up the whole night, the big momma was resting on the couch. At the hall. She was munching on Chachos while bloghopping. The big guy and the little guy was already in the bedroom, sleeping. Or so she thought.

While she was absorbed in reading one of your blog, she heard a voice "MAMA  MAKAN APA TUUU??!?!?". She was so terkejut beruk 'monkey-shocked' that she almost peed in her pants! Astaga! It turned out to be the little guy, who wandered out of the room as he couldn't sleep just yet. Thank God it was not some huge black hairy monster coming to strangle her to death!

Anyway, since he wanted to join munching on the junk food in the wee hours of the morning, the big momma let him. She really wasn't in the mood to make a scene in her own house with her own son at that hour. After munching on his first bite, the little guy scrutinized the package carefully. He then raised  eyebrow questioningly at me; "Ni bukan 'MESTI MAU' kan mama? Ni apa ni?!?"


Kan big momma dah mengilai macam vampire tengah-tengah malam! The TV influence on kids nowadays are so evident in their speeches, isn't it? So TV producers, be more careful in the type of programs you allow to be aired on your channel. We don't want our kids to be influenced by secular thoughts, ok!


  1. muaahahahah..
    mama pun jawablah " ini mesti tak mau! "

  2. ahaahha.. mesti mau!
    tula psl.. my lil cheecky pun sama..

  3. alololo..comeinya...
    cepat betul depa ikut TV. bila TV nak buat iklan mknn ABC ka, alip ba ta ka...hehe

  4. arees looking at the pic and saying "abaaaN" ... huhuhu ... btw his gigi sgt tersusun rapi ... no need braces la ... ^_^

  5. nasib baik dia xnyanyi 'yg kumahu hanyalah kamu'..kikiki..

  6. sz mass : tu lah. mama terkedu tak terjawab. hahahaha

    farah : pengaruh iklan sangat kannn!

    isabelle : tu lah. cuba buat iklan educational sikittt kan! hehe

    ayuikhwani : macma mak dia kan! :-p

    papakeechee : tapi jongang sikit! haha

    zeta : hahahaha melampau lah tu. kecik2. hiks



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