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Too much of negative vibes is not good for MY health!

There are all types of human in this world. Not one person is similar in all aspects to another person. Not 100% similar, no! I don't believe so.

God made us varies from one another. We could learn from one another traits and values. That's why, I totally hate people who can't see people who are different from them. There's always things to criticize with these people. Your husband is not good enough. Your kids are not good enough. They have the best family in the whole wide world. No one could compare to them. Yada yada yada.

Another thing that irks me is people who feels that they need to correct other people every time. I hate them seriously! Like they have all the knowledge in the whole wide world. AND YOU HAVE NONE! Come on. Everyone has different ways of living their life. If we don't follow your suit, bear with it. It doesn't have to be your way or the highway every single time. Kalau lalu jalan kampung pun tak salah kan?! As long as we reach the same destination, what's wrong with it?

Anyway, among all those, the WINNER of the GRAND PRIZE of the kind of people that irks me to the core is people who loves using sentences like this "Nasib la suami/anak I tak macam ni, macam tu...". These people are NOT WELCOME to my blog, please! I know it makes you feel good to read about other people's misgivings. That's why you tried to turn every writings and good, happy facts about what other people write, into their misgivings. When the fact is, you are  plain ENVIOUS of what people have. You want to have the same thing. You are lack of self-confidence. You sooooo want to be like other people. But you can't have them all. That's the reason why you try to cover them up by putting other people down. Or writing sarcastic comments that irks people.

You just elude so much negative vibes that if you try to contain them all in one jar, the jar would explode in  just a split second!

Now get away from me Missus Negative Vibes! Shoo shoo!


  1. uikss... i hope i dont do it unintentionally. mana la tau sambil2 syok baca citer org, x perasan terkomen mcm tu.
    if i did, i minta maaf siap2 ye bai

  2. Saya setuju dengan kamu drama mama.. ehehehe.. Memang other people sometimes tak realize yang dorang tu perasan bagus.. laluan hidup kita kan berbeza-beza. Mungkin orang macam tu pun, tak pernah rasa susah dan rasa diorang perfect. But nobody's perfect...

  3. I am sooooo agree with u.. terutama part orang yg suka correct orang lain tu..hmm..

  4. mmg pun! setuju bangat! kalo dengar2 cakap2 yg tidak memotivasikan diri kita eloklah masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri...sbb klu nak suh orang diam susah, ada saja komen/komplen tak membina...heheheeh

  5. huhuh...awat marah2 ni cik kak?..
    heheh...buat dunno jer ngan org camtu eh...
    amik pemdekatan..."ada aku kesah?" heheh
    gud day to you ! :)

  6. isabelle : tak lah. ur comments are always appreciated. menghiburkan :-)

    atulhani : kannnn! padahal sometimes dia tak bagus pun tapi cuba cover up ke tidak bagusan dgn condemn orang lain. hiks

    mila : hahh! kan kan kan!

    sz mss : masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan tu yang kekadang susah. tapi dicuba sedaya upaya. hehe

    working mom : it's the time of the month kot. hahahhaha

  7. Haa...awatlaaa menyokong..part suka sgt compare2 tuh..kdg2 nak jugak buat mcm kata 'working mom' tuu tp terpaksa kesah jugak sbb yg dikata dan dicompare tuh anak haku..huhh..!! And always when comparing..all the bads one always come to our side..BENGANG jaa..

    Takpa..Allah tuh Maha Adil kann..Dia Lebih Tahu.. :-) Sabaq naa Bai...

  8. setuju with u... esp yg "nasib la anak i, suami i tak camni camtu"... tp tak tau camana nak put in words... so setuju sumanya dgn apa yg u hv written above ;-)



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