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Room Make Over : The Progress Part 1

Our 'room makeover' progress so far only involves the varnishing of furniture and clearing of the room. 

 The old book rack VS. The revamped look of the book rack after varnish.

Oh, I haven't gotten around to empty the room entirely yet, as there are a few bulky stuff like the desktop and table, the couch and the clothes hanger, that has no space in other rooms. We are now living like a nomad people. Our stuff are scattered here and there. The only livable rooms in the house is our bedroom and the kitchen. Thank God we have rooms we can escape to when we couldn't stand the mess any longer! The little guy's room is looking more like a dump hole as we transferred most of the stuff from the study room into his room. Yesterday he went inside his room to get some toys, and exclaimed loudly to himself "Ya Allah! Awat bilik Irfan macam nih?!?" Hahahaha! Sorry dude. It will be back to it's normal state come next week, I promise!

Can all these books plus another boxful fits into those two racks above? I doubt so!

The house smells of fresh paint. I'm getting a raya feeling with all these furniture painting taking place around me. Hubby said our house smells like a brand new house, and he hates it very much! Hehe. I love the smell mind you, it's the horrible mess that I couldn't stand.  Oh, I so can't wait for this to be over!


  1. >"Ya Allah! Awat bilik Irfan macam nih?!?"< Hahaha..little guy..kamu ni cerewet gak noo..kikiki.. :p

  2. wahhhh syokknyaa...
    berkobar2 gak la nk p carik cat ni..
    tunggu bulan pose...

  3. salam drama mama,banyak kali singgah tak dapat tinggal komen sebab advert box tu halang terbau fresh paint..singgah lagi,tak sabar see the hasil:)

  4. nak dekat raya2 ni..i pon plan nak buat makeoverla.

    ade 1 bilik yang i buat macam store room dah macam tongkang pecah hahaha

  5. Ya Allah banyaknya buku...tiru gaya irfan...hihihi

  6. tak sabar nk tgk hasilnya hihi

  7. hehehe wah semangatnya nak raya... i kalau makeover rumah ni tatau la apa jadi, bab susun rumah tangan i kurang berseni skit haha

  8. wah semua sibuk duk cat umah dalam luar nak raya - my neigbourhood pun :) jelos - i raya ala kadar ja tahun :)



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