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Babies Day OUT!

My biras si Papakeechee is on leave today, because her official babysitter aka her mom was not around to take care of the little tot. So she texted me early in the morning to see if I was up to the adventure of bringing both of our little tots to the mall. Being me, pantang di ajak, I agree saja! Furthermore, we still owed Arees his birthday pressie and so it was the perfect time to get one for him.

Fuyohhhh! It's just so challenging bringing the little guy jalan-jalan without his dad around. Because between the two of us, the big guy is the one playing the 'bad cop' role in our parenthood. The little guy would listen to his daddy ten times more than he would listen to me. Thank God his big mommy was around so whenever he started to act up, I'd tell him "Haaaaaaaa!!! Satgi big mommy marah mama tak tau!". When big mommy told him to hold my hands, he would do it. When big mommy told him to sit down, he did it. I wonder what ilmu she has that I don't, that caused the little guy to listen to his big mommy more than he does with me!


The first thing we did upon arriving at the QB mall was to get Arees' pressie at Toys R Us. The little guy nampak ja facade Toys R Us start la getting all hyper. Luckily I managed to persuade him to get the cheap water tumbler instead of the expensive toys, kalau tak confirm the big guy will tell us to eat pasir for the rest of the week! Haha!

While we were scouting for Arees' birthday present : TWO incidents happened in there. First, we met Syida, a blog reader cum Papakeechee blog follower who recognized us by our blogging name!! She first spotted Papakeechee, and I tell you my biras was definitely stumped when people greeted her by her blogging name. Very unsangkarable you! Then she looked at me and confirmed that I am in fact, the one and only Drama Mama, the wife to the big guy and  mother to the little guy! Haha! Overrrrrrr ok haku. Padahal I don't know if she even reads my blog. But seriously, we never thought anyone would ever recognize us and when sweet sweet Syida did, we were like "Yayyyy!!! WE'RE FAMOUSSSS and we are sooo gonna brag about it to our husbands!!!" Hahahaha!

Thanks a bunch Syida, you made us one two proud bloggers today!


The other incident that happened was that amidst searching for the perfect present for him ,Al-Arees suddenly ran so fast that even the little guy who took off after him couldn't keep track of the little sprinter. We searched high and low for him throughout the entire store, but couldn't get a sight of him anywhere. Just when I thought his momma was gonna get hysterical, I saw a glimpse of yellow shirt tucked beneath some stroller canopies. Lo and behold! There he was, climbing inside one of the stroller and got stuck in it! The stroller was midway to menyembah bumi while I arrived to the rescue. Thank God nothing bad happened to you Arees, you definitely gave me a BIG BIG scare tau!

Aiseh tudung senget plak! :-p

I'm just so glad our little tots had so much fun bullying playing with each other. As usual, when they meet, they'll always be in a fist fight. But when it was time to depart, they'd be showing their muka sekupang because they still haven't get enough playing with each other. The little guy even trying to talk me into bringing Al-Arees back to our house for more play session. He said "Semua sekali (Irfan) nak, jangan balik". Haha! Kesian lah pulakkk! There'll be more of these we promise, as the mommas too enjoy our outings so much because we get to gossip non-stop!Hehehe.

Tapi paling kesian, once we reached home, the big guy was in the kitchen. Frying chicken and heating up the food I left for him. While doing all these, he was singing in a sad voice "Beginilah nasib diri ku yang malang, oh Tuhan...yada yada..nak makan pun kena buat sendiriiiiii..." Hahaha!

Adoiiiii lah! Jangan dok drama sangat wahai lelaki kesayangan, boleh tak?


  1. wah jmpe blogger jgk..famous drama mana n biras ni..:)
    Mcm anak sy kalu sepupu dia balik nangis mcm nk tercabut atap tu..padahal masa main2 tu ade gaduh2 jgk...Mcm irfan agaknya kat umah xde kwn, mama dia jer kan tu sbb bila berkawan dia syg sgt tu...nk ade kwn bermain..

  2. hahaha drama tul mr amin ... and my nephew so cute la ... will definitely go beronggeng like this again ... penat tapi seronoks!!! tau tak arees knock out till the next morning ... lepas tu bangun mengamok probably cause Aqil Irfan was not around .... hahahh ... budak budak!! 6-6

  3. hheheheheh kids mmg cemtuh kan..jumpe gado..balik bepisah melalak2...agaknyer begado tuh is normal like playing kot eh....hihihih
    muke seiras betol :D

  4. hahahaa..
    tu baru setengah hari mommy's day out ye..kalo berhari2 mesti mcm2 lagu plak big guy nyanyi :p

  5. Akakkkk..nk signnnnn..hihihi.. :)

  6. hahahah drama papa la plakkk hahhaha.. xbleh la baca b log u while kt sini.. sure i miss sami :(

  7. bestnya dapat jalan2 dgn d kids n biras.

    I tgh waiting in vain....pocket empty so takleh ronda, nnt terjebak huhuhu

  8. hanim : a'ah dia bosan kat rumah mama dia tak layan, tu yang bila ada kawan sronok sangat!

    papakeechee : haha. irfan also can't stop relishing the moments again and again. wakakkaka

    iefa : seiras eh? sepupu kan hiks

    sz mass : kalau berhari2 sure dia lari membawa diri.

    zeta : meh sini mehhhhhh! haha

    ely : sangatttttttttt drama! ala cian miss sami. huhu

    mommy ct : best! ala takpa tunggu dapat gaji nanti. hiks



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