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That night, the big guy told me about the Spain-Germany game.

I laughed evilly and told him I was DEFINITELY gonna watch the game! Muahaha! The big guy laughed and told me to wake him up IF I wake up. He was confident that Spain will win the game no matter what.

I didn't set the alarm that night. But I guess because of the mind set, I did wake up at 3am! Automatically. And so I turned on the TV in the bedroom after I woke the big guy up. It was almost half-time but I guess we didn't miss anything good during the first half. It was during the second half that Spain scored one goal and I was like DAMN MANA PI DAULAT AKU NIH???!?!?!? This is all because of you Paul the Octopus! Heehe.

But I was secretly happy that Germany was beaten too! BECAUSE of them, I don't get to see Messi Argentina in action again, so good riddance! But of course I didn't want to admit it to the big guy. I just hope Spain will win the WC so that at least one of us shall dance happily around the house and the little guy can have fun dancing around  in the middle of the night too!


  1. Ha i guess we'll be rivals here since I am all out for Netherlands ... Semangat carik baju oren kay ... ho ho ho ... MAY the best country WINs!!!! .... WEeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! ^_^

  2. Takpe Baizurah, first half giler boring. They weren't even runnig that much, mcm dok santai² main bola tepi pantai ok.. the only excitement was mase ade a fan lari tgh padang and sumer benti main sbb dok tgk that guy kene tangkap ngan officials haha..

  3. wpun daulat i pun mcm dah xde, tapi i diam2 jer... takut gak kot2 nanti daulat balik.

  4. VaMOS ESPANA!! huge SPAIN fan was here babe!!

  5. haahaha...
    daulat dah tak berfungsi ye! :p

  6. Spain is my 3rd team..! n hoorah akhirnya satu team pilihan masuk final..!
    xnak holland!! i hate robb*n the drama king. huh! sbb dia brazil klua.. dont like.
    so insyaAllah kali ni kite leh jerit sama2 k.. lg best tu, final lagi. :D

    btw bai, dh lama xnampak u kat myblog, u dh bosan ngan blog i ker? uwaaa.. rindu plak rsnye nak bc ur comments.. hee. ciss over betul aku ni!

    ps: alamak ada penyokong holland.. peace!! :D its just bola kan, nnti habis WC kite peluk2 blk..

  7. tp sy suka belanda..mana2 lah yg pasti malaysia xkan menang



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