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Mama, nak makan GHABBIT!!!

You know how cute toddlers sounds when they do baby talk and mispronounce words? Sadly for me, the little guy has been one baby who did not do baby talk. At least not that I noticed of. He can pronounce words almost perfectly save for a couple of hard consonants. But you can basically understand what he's saying when he talks to you.

So I was just testing out these words below to see if he can pronounce them well. He only mispronounce the word 'R' not as W but as Arghhh. Thus, 'Rabbit' becomes Ghabbit. Hahaha! Very the Penang I tell you. Furthermore, he can't pronounce 'L' properly too, he pronounce it as 'Y'. And S as Ash not TH. Other than that, we're fine thank you! Heeeee.

Anyway, here's an excerpt in regards to your 2 y.o pronunciation that I got from the Baby Center :

Producing a "t" instead of a "k" is a common substitution and is nothing to be worried about unless your child is still doing it past the age of 5. Other sounds that may present difficulties for your child between now and the time he turns 3 include

* "r" pronounced as a "w," such as "wabbit" instead of "rabbit"

* "l" pronounced as a "w" or a "y," such as "yeg" instead of "leg"

* "s" lisped as a "th" sound, such as "thun" instead of "sun"

* "sh" pronounced as an "s," such as "sip" instead of "ship"

* "ch" pronounced as a "sh," such as "wash" instead of "watch"

* "g" pronounced as a "d," such as "dame" instead of "game"

* "v" pronounced as a "b," such as "ban" instead of "van"

* "f" pronounced as a "p," such as "pish" instead of "fish"

* consonant blends such as tr, dr, sl, sn, sm, st, bl mispronounced by leaving one of the sounds off ("stop" becomes "top" or "sop")

* consonants in the middle of words left out, so "baseball" becomes "bayball"

* words with more than one syllable shortened or simplified, so "Emily" becomes "Memmy" or "Emmy"

Sometimes the difficulty in pronunciation has less to do with a particular letter sound than with the organization of the word itself. For example, your child may say "Dadda" or "Daddy," so you know he can make a "d" sound, yet he pronounces "dog" as "gog." In fact, he's mispronouncing it because the "g" sound comes right after it. Since the "d" is pronounced in the front of the mouth and the "g" is pronounced in the back, saying "dog" requires some tongue gymnastics that may be hard for your 2-year-old.

So, what about your 2 year olds?


  1. i suka baca psl irfan sbb irfan mcm sami!!!... cuma sami xdek loghat la hahaaaaa

  2. lady : hahahhahaha!

    ely : kannnn! i pun rasa irfan ada similarity cam sami bila baca ur blog. sukaaaaaa! hiks. sami mai dok ngn aunty confirm loghat penang kaw kawwwww punya! hahaha

  3. Aqid pronounced L macam tebal sikit, macam bergulung-gulung lidah dia. "Bolllla"

  4. hahaha ... cute!!! arees definitely cannot pronounce the Rs and the Ts so u really have to pay attention to understand what he is saying ... he still thinks he;s a baby kot ... heheh



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