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Lelaki kesayangan telah ditumbuk!

Do you know how people can get all physical in their dreams that they would carry out the action in real life? Like I remember my brother used to pull some stunts in his sleep. Like lari setempat, or having a sword fight with his enemies.

This morning as I was making his breakfast, the big guy asked me "What was the punching all about?!?". Apparently, I gave him a hard punch on his arms in the wee hours of the morning. I kind of remember hearing him getting pissed off while giving me a killer glance while I did something physical to him. But I couldn't be quite sure if it was a dream or not until he asked me that question. Hmmmmmmmm. I know! I am just simply irritated at you, big guy, for asking me to go slow on the sugar. Just because the price of sugar hiked up 20 cents per kg! And sooooooooo. My subconscious mind is making me take revenge on you in my sleep. Muahahahahaha!

Now, if you will excuse me. I have more revenge plans to feed to my subconscious mind. Haha!

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