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Irfan nak pi Sea!

I love spending time at the beach. I could just sit there for hours and do nothing else but sky-gazing, because I find peace and solace when I'm at it. However, my hubby feels differently. He'd prefer to lepak at mamak and chat, or simply drive around in the car with nowhere specific to go. He really couldn't sit still at one place like that for a long time, except when he's with his buddies, lepak berjam-jam at mamak and have their manly gossips! Or sleeping at home, watch TV. Orrrrr play computer games.

Langsung tak enviromentalists!

Anyway, last Sunday just before we headed back home from the in-laws, I had to put a gun to his head in order to make him stop the car by the seaside near Bayan Lepas. The son was sleeping, and refused to wake up so I had to cruelly jolt him from sleep, so that he could whine to his dad about going to the sea! Phewww! That is like A LOT of effort needed into getting our little family to go for riadah, don't you think?

Don't finish the rojak! Leave some for my momma, will ya!?

We had rojak buah by the seaside, but nothing beats the rojak buah selling at Padang Kota! The portion for this one was too little, and the gravy kurang kick tapi kami tatapppp bedal smpai licin!

The son spilled water on his shorts, and I was looking and looking around for his spare jeans in the diaper bag, but couldn't find it. He might've ended up looking like he came from the Flinstone's Age save for the cool Tee his big mommy got for him and the brand new Adidas he had on! He.He.He.

I think going to these places is a good way to teach Irfan about his surroundings, other than reading about it in his books. Here he was able to identifiy "motorboat", "sea", "water banyak", "batu" and a lot of other stuff in between.

Makanya, En. Suami, let's do outdoor activities again next week ok?


  1. haha.. encik irfan sangat cute tak pakai seluar.. tapi kalau nak tpt banyak blaja, i think eesya best place is at pasar malam.. hahaha.. alamak, habis semua disebutnya.."jagung", "fish", "crab", "udang", "nasik", "baju", "tudung".. sampai haku naik tension.. hahaha

  2. outdoor activities are fun! fun! fun!
    go green bebeh... hehehehe... :D

    owh! my hubby also likes to lepak2 at mamak... i wonder why eyh???

  3. mcm kt area seagate ja :D rindunya tepi laut penang...rojak padang kota mmg BEST!

  4. fizamior : mamak letak something kot dalam teh tarik mereka itu? hehehe

    are_shie : haaa pandaiii eesya! irfan bukan takat banyak blaja...dia banyak MEMINTAK jugak kalau kat pasar malam. "Irfan nak otoman!" Irfan nakkk Spiderman!" Irfan nak toys!" Irfan nak chicken!" haha..semua dia nak. hiks

    amy : ya betul! serious kepingin rojak padang kota.ehehhehe

  5. Lepak tepi coastal road,ahh i miss that place!My hubby pon suke lepak mamak,dulu masa kat bayan,his fav was Kassim Mustaffa tue.

  6. ami : best kan. ;-) oh Penang guys ni esp memang asal Penang, confirm suka lepak mamaks minum kopi. i dah biasa coz my dad and brothers semua camtu. hiks.

  7. oh me tooo love spending my time at the beach tp hubs sungguh tk suka n anak i pun ikut skali tk suka..huwaaaa....sungguh tk bestkan:(

  8. rindu nyer lepak kat pantai belah penang. stu tiba2 rindu nk makan kerang bakar kat padang kota. ni semua salah u la, buat i terimbas kenangan muda remaja masa kat Penang dulu2 bila tgk gmbr2 u ni ekekekkeke

  9. zarin : yeah, mennnn! tak best langsung! tapi time dating2 sanggup ja ikut aweks ke tepi pantai kan hehehe

    yatie : haaa apa lagi! balik mesia nanti jangan lupa terjah penang! hehehe

  10. bestnyer dekat ngan sea...huhuhu ley slalu2 makan2 hangin eh :D

  11. baru terbaca this post about the 'sea'. how could i have missed it as i too love the sea. bai, aritu masa kami kat penang, we found this little stretch of spot not far from queensbay mall. kalau along waterfront tu, drive further up dah nak ke arah shops and further down akan almost nearing housing area. by the roadside just next to the gigi air ada small stalls jual laksa, nasi lemak... really nice... they have meja2 skali. we tried this stall jual 'laksa perak'. (never knew there's such thing as laksa perak!) but sedap la, like laksa utara la kan, but had lots of fish (i lurvveee!) and takde nenas kot (nenas is a penang thing kan?). anyway, have u been there? kalau belum, give it a try. but sebelum magrib la, coz by pukul 7 lebih or 8 gitu dorang tutup dah kot.

  12. cute la my nephew ... muka blur and that t shirt really suits him ... nanti la nak carik something like tat ... heheh ... and yes i miss the rojak buah lerrr ... maybe can drop by tonight ... huhuhu




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