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Birthday Pre-Celebration

Today is my hubby's, son and SIL birthday, oh yes they all share the same birth date, coincidentally. Happy Birthday to all, wishing you guys happiness for the rest of your life.

My special wish and doa for my dear Irfan :

Semoga jadi hamba yang taat pada Allah dan Rasul s.a.w, anak soleh, abang yang terbaik untuk adik-adik (insyaAllah), suami dan bapa yang penyayang dan bertanggungjawab (hehe) dan insan yang berguna. Mama doa yang terbaik untuk Irfan, and now that I'm a mother, I believe doa is the best gift a mother can give to their  kids. Ameen!

For hubby dearie,

You are one of the greatest blessings in my life. Thank you for being the greatest husband in the whole wide world. 143. ;-)

Anyway, last night we had a pre-celebration with my in-laws, to celebrate the boy's birthday. It was a close celebration with only my PIL, BILs, biras and nephew. Irfan received presents and angpow from everyone, but his mom was more interested in them compared to him. What  really got him geared up was when we sang him the birthday song and he got to blow the candle on HIS very own birthday cake, and it was a CHEESE cake some more man! He really loved the moment! He wanted to blow them over and over again, and I think we sang the birthday song at least 5 times before the celebration was over..

Birthday boy with new ugly hairdo
My MIL, suap kek to the son
Hubby said to his bro "Hang suap kek kat Irfan sudah la takyah suap aku, satgi jadi geli2 plak." Wakakaka!"
My biras with nephew

Last year, we had one celebration for all. This year since Irfan turns 2, we'll be having 2 separate celebrations with 2 cakes and 2 birthday moments for him! One was before and one will be after the birthday. As for today, 19th March 2010, we are just going to enjoy our leisure time together,  sleeping! Haha! And later tonight, hubby's colleagues planned a treat for him and me to a movie. Sorry Irfan, you're the birthday boy but MAMA gets to go to movie instead. Haha! That's one of the perks of being your father's wife. :-p



  1. hepi besday irfan!..

    amiin (i aminkn doa u too)

    kiss kiss

  2. menggiurkan kek tu.happy bday to all :) semoga happy happy happy selalu!

  3. hepi birthday to Irfan & Amin!!

  4. hepi birthday untuk ketiga2 insan2 kesayangan u ;)

  5. happy birthday to all...
    bestnya share birthday, sure meriah kan.

  6. happy bday to irfan & daddy!!!!
    wah! bestnya dpt share bday date...
    pandai u plan..ehehehehe....

  7. happy birthday irfan..auntie Imma nak sikit kek naa..esok auntie mai..hikhikhiks..

  8. eky : thanks babe! ur the best ;-)

    elissmie : haaa nak kek tak? meh sini kita bagi
    sikit hiks

    kak ct : thanks kak ct

    yatie : thanks! :-)

    lady : ha'ah for 2 consecutive years, birthday memang meriah ;-)

    fize : hahhhh next baby plan birthday sama mama plak. ekekekke

    imma : aunty, esok kita makan kek gambaq muka irfan ngn abah k...hhehehe

  9. wahhh bestnya irfan & ayah dia sama birthdate! boleh celebrate sama2 sampai besar :)
    happy birthday handsome irfan! be a good boy k? ;)

  10. kek tu nampak sgt sedap......
    happy birthday to irfan and ayahnya!

  11. salam ziarah dari akak...happy birthday buat irfan..semuga menjadi anak yang soleh dan berjaya dalam kehidupan..

    tengah fikir nak gi ch..tapi anak dara 2 termasuk mak dia orang ni cepat pening bila jalan bengkang bengkok..tu sebab tak pergi-pergi.

  12. wah ini mcm punya pre-celebration, the real celebration camner pulak eh? sure lagi gempak. Nway, happy belated & blessed bday to the two guys!

  13. cool!!! happy borhtday irfan!!! looks like every body had a great time - sorry ye auntie tak dpt datang.. nanti next time kita jumpa ye... semoga jadi anak yg soleh, sihat, bijak dan comel selalu!!!!



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