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Bidan Terjun Chef

Haish! I hate preparing events at the house because I get tense so easily when things go wrong. Even if it's just something little, but worst is if it's in regards to food!  The previous birthday party we had for Irfan was smooth-sailing and no one had to lift a finger to  do work, except to eat, but of course it was for a price. So I didn't get to invite a lot of people to the party, due to budget constraints.

For events at the house, I would prefer to cater rather than counting on other people to help prepare the food, because I feel bad on putting burden on other people's shoulder just because I want to have a party. And what I'm usually afraid most is to have a last minute cancellation! I don't blame other people but me for this, because I came up with the plan very last-minute and so didn't have the time to scout around for good caterers within my budget.

So lesson learned for the next event is to : start early and get the BEST OPTIONS!

So now, I'm gonna be the bidan terjun chef, besides my aunts and ibu. I'm not a good chef, and I'm not used to cooking for a battalion, so let's just pray hard that my cooking will turn out edible!


  1. go! go! baizurah!!!!
    good luck!!!!

  2. waahh teringin nk rasa masakan mama irfan. mesti sedap ni. :)

  3. u are a good cook!! you can do it!!!!!

  4. fizamior : thanks, i need the luck!

    lea : huhu tak sedap mana pun! kalau datang penang jemput la ke rumah ya :-)

    mama sarah syimir : ameen! :-)

    zoora : i hope so! do come to the party ya ;-)

  5. dun worry mesti sedap:)irfan jalan2 cameron highlands ye..tengok cheese cake tu memang nampak sedap sangat..satu lagi dia scones pun sangat sedap kat sana:)

  6. akak ni risau tak bertempat. kompem la semua makanan tu nanti edible. hahah!



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