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What to do when your kid throws tantrum in public?

In between diaper cakes and going out every night this week, I have gone bonkers with exhaustion and body ache. Started from receiving the first order of diaper cake until now, our days and nights had been pretty hectic. But last night was the most havoc of them all, thanks to the little menace munchkin.

We dined out with some of hubby's friends and their family at Hammer's Bay. Looking at the spacious land, Irfan felt like he was at the top of the world and roamed the place freely. His mother, of course, didn't even get to eat a spoonful of rice in peace, because the father, being a father, was oblivious to her son's mischievousness while he was enjoying his triple plate of delicious food.Like grrrrrr!

And so there I was, ran here and there after the son. I was only too glad when it was time for us to leave, but we had another stop to make, to get the box I needed for the diaper cake to be sent to my customer in Gombak. We decided to look at Giant as it was the nearest hyper-mart we could think of. Little did I know what was in store for us until we were walking down the aisles to look for the box.

At first Irfan walked to the books section and started picking out books that appealed to him. So after I was done with the box, I attempted to coax him to pick some of the Classic Fairy Tales Series that I thought he would love, which includes his fave story : The Little Red Riding Hood. After several attempts which includes some pinching and screaming haha!, I succeed to get him to move along to the queuing lane with those books in his hands .

When we started queuing at the express lane, he suddenly saw this ball at one of the counter and started to scream for one. In order to get him to  quiet down, I made attempt to read him stories from those books we got for him, but to no avail. He was adamant to get the ball, it was either his way or the highway.

His father was firm not to give in to him so he asked me to pay while he brought the boy out of the groceries sections. Oh man! If you think that  would solve the problem, then you better think again. The boy was screaming for the ball, his mama and everything in between. Everyone within hearing distance were staring at him. Since it was nearing Chinese New Year, I'm sure you can imagine the crowd. And some stupid family who were too selfish queued at the express lane when they actually had a trolley full of stuff to pay for. How very inconsiderate! The cashier and I had a fun time bitching about them while I was paying for my goods. Haha! Serves them right!

Arriving home last night, I was too tired to do anything else but lied in bed exhaustively. And believe it or not, I only woke up when hubby came back home to change after his interview this morning, before he went back to work.

As for the rest of the day today, I just want to be a potato couch and do NOTHING  for anyone. I doubt nothing would be important or urgent enough to get me out of this couch, at least for 1 or 2 hours from now!


  1. hahaha bende mcm ni i nk tau sgt.. kalau kat rumah bila dia tantrum i boleh pekakkan telinga je.. sbb ikutkan jgn layan sgt bdk tantrum ni sbb saje nak curik perhatian kita...

    tp bila kita outside takkan nk buat mcm tu jugakkan.. mau org kat luar ingat kita as a parents yg takder perasaan wakakaka...

    so far 2-3 kali i still boleh handle... akan dtg tak tau mcm mana.. sbb bila dia nk something kalau tak penting i terus blah je sambil dukung atau ikat je dlm stroller.. melalak le sepanjang jln hahahaha kijamkan i..

  2. well, as for my case, whenever it is possible for me to turn green, the daddy will bring the little rascal away. hehehe.
    the power of motherhood eh?
    have a good long wkend, bai;)

  3. erm... fathers are like that la... kita ni ha yg concern psl anak dia...

  4. irfan suka little red riding hood? hehehe comeyyy! but tu laa.. i wonder how it would be like if nia starts to throw tantrum in the future. camne agaknya nak handle. pls give some advise kak bai. :)

  5. oh .. itu sama saja dengan saya yg ada anak dara nih.. dah banyak kali dah glamer kat giant tuh!!!!!

  6. far Boboy tak pandai nak throw his tantrum yet but in the future I just don't know yet..kalau laa berlaku mcm tuu..i can imagine what will I do..berpura2 pujuk sambil meninggalkan tempat tuh kot.hahah..

    by the way..father will always being like a father kan...huhuhuu..



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