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My Very First Order

I haven't been updating for ages! Yes I know. I could give 2 very concrete reasons for this; one is because - you guess it right! - internet has been very-very naughty. However,  the main reason for lack of update is because : I WAS BUSY PROCESSING MY DIAPER CAKE ORDERS! Yeooww! I got 3 orders y'all, first from my very own mother haha! And then came order from my aunty and my cousin, all for the newborn baby Rayn Mujahid Merican.

Alhamdulillah, newborn does bring rezeki, don't they? So after having so much fun shopping and 'baking' them, here are the outcome.You can check out my biz blog for more details on them.

Gosh, the pics are soooo blur because my hands were shaking like I got parkinsons when I snapped them. I totally need a new camera, a DSLR perhaps! :-p

So long, guys.~


  1. ely : haha..dia cuba untuk men-sabotage diaper cake grandma dia. kalau hilang duck itu, tau la i mana nak cari huhuhu

  2. Kelihatan Irfan cube membantu hehe..

  3. nampak cantik.. irfan tulung sekali ek bisnes mamanye.

  4. wah,sangat cantik!!! creative la k.yah ni.
    nama anak abg azim bukan ryan muammar merican ka?? conpius conpius...

  5. irfan tengah tolong mama ke tu.. hehe

  6. ayu : bukan membantu, more like messing it up for me :-p

    chugie : tolong kacau :-p

    intan : oh yaka? dia sent message to amin masa baby 2nd day cakap nama tu lah. maybe da changed before pi register kot? huhu...intan tanya mama takmau order ka diaper cake? hehehehhe

    lady : tolong KACAUUUUU haha

    yatie : thanks a lot! pray for me ya :-)

  7. u ada assisstant lah haha..siap isap pacifier lagi tu :D

  8. congrats. haipp irfan.. :)

  9. weee...canteks sehhh...seroiusly u are born to be super creative.. ;-)

  10. irfann...!!! baik baik oii..satgi tenggelam itik tuhh.....!!! :-))

  11. a good promising beginning darl...keep it up! :D

  12. liana : assistant tak bertauliah haha..di mana ada toys di situ ada irfan hiks

    eis : thanks. ahh irfan nak mencelah gak.

    imma : thanks! :-) itik tu dah berapa kali tenggelam timbul dahhh haha

    verde : thanks babe. ;-)



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