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Price Tag? Name Tag? What TAG?

I don't normally do tags. I'm just too impatient to think and answer those questions. I know my buddy Ayu has given up on tagging me as I always ngelat from it but out of the blue I've decided to do this one.

So let's see...

1: First time jumpa your hubby bila dan kat mana?
This one ada 2 versions :
a) virtual : via sms in early 2001. I was supposed to play a prank on my brother's friend (that is him!). Ok that went wrong, let me re-phrase it. My brother and I actually traded our friend's numbers because Celcom was giving out unlimited free smses and we wanted to fully utilize it. So I actually asked my brother if he got any handsome friend that I could play a prank on, but he said "handsome takdak, Amin adalah!". I thought that was classic! Hahaha! Anyway, turned out that he was a better prankster than me, and man! That really got me hooked!

b) real life : end of 2001 when he insisted to meet me up at the bus station once I arrived from hometown. Man, I couldn't stop fidgeting in the bus. Luckily my sister was there to keep me cool. Thanks kakak!

2 : Love at first sight?
You know...wayyy before we met face to face he kept on telling me that he was as black as the coal (haha!) so my first thought when I first met him was "Phewwwww! Not as bad as I imagined him to look like!". Well, my imagination could get reaaaaalll bad you know, so it was a relieve. Hahaha!

And then, I started noticing the details : his sweet smile, pretty eyes and how he seemed to fluster whenever we looked into each others eyes. So was it love at first sight? I don't know, you tell me.

3 : Who is he when the first time u met him?
Multimedia geek, erkkk I mean, student.

4 : How long it takes for him to ask u out for a date?
Well, it wasn't long before he asked, but it sure took me long to agree to meet up. Like almost a year. I was like jinak-jinak merpati okeh :-p

5 : First place dating?
Classic!! We were always talking about bringing our children here to show where we first ever met face to face. Too bad the place is no longer there : A&W at the old railway station.

6 : How he proposed?
I can't remember coz there wasn't any special occasion on that. We just came to realization that we wanted to grow old together and so just went with the flow.

7 : Special date with your hubby?
Date as in numbers? 5.5.2007 - the day we tied the knot

Date as in dating? It has to be the railway station date, and our first time ever watching midnight at the cinema, a couple of days after we were married. :-)

8 : Changes that he asked you to do?
Well, I asked him a couple of minutes ago, and he said NOTHING. ;-)

9 : What is about him that you love so much?
This may sound cliche, but the truth; it's EVERYTHING about him.

10 : What is about him that you wish he would change?
Just to be a better person everyday

11 : You will lose your mind and crack your head when he..
Do the man things, you know never put the toilet seat down, trail clothes everywhere et cetera. But that does not make me love him less. ;-)

12 : You will smile through your eyes for the whole day when he
Tell me that he loves me in his so many ways of saying it

13. Complete below sentences.."My love towards my hubby is as BIG as.. nothing. It's incomparable. Let me ask you something, can you even define love in one word, or one sentence?

Whoever dare to leave comment here, YOU ARE TAGGED!


  1. i suka baca tag u buat ni.. both of u r so sweet..
    haha.. i kene tag ke ni?

  2. I dont care, I want to leave a comment.... hahahah

    Oh... Baizurah... You are such a romantic partner:)Amin is a lucky guy

  3. oh yes, both of you are TAGGED!!

    and mrs shiv, you could say that again, about amin being a lucky guy wahahahaha

  4. *note that this is an invisible comment so I AM NOT TAGGED!!* =P ...
    u guys are just so lovey dovey la! make sure u guys stay like this forever and ever and ever and *echo* ....


  5. (siot la kena tag) tapi i mmg nak komen pas u answer 2nd question sbb i senyummmm aje sampai abis soklan.. hahaha aku plak yg syok sdr..

    err.. err.. nanti kalu sempat i buat (tehehehehe)

  6. seb baik tak kena tagged.
    syok juga mengenang kisah muda muda dulu kan..hikss sweet kan :)

  7. So I should be tagged.. tp sbb tak kawen lagik, tak leh la jawab kannnn..

    Sgt sweet okay!

  8. So I should be tagged.. tp sbb tak kawen lagik, tak leh la jawab kannnn..

    Sgt sweet okay!

  9. alalalala so sweet la u kak. yr husband mesti suka gile if he reads this. so much loveeee! me likeyyy. :))

  10. hi drama mama.. so sweet and so real:)you are right there's no one definition of love..just embrace it and you will know the feel:) hopefully irfan dah okay sekarang..sian dia.Wish you a wonderful weekend with Amin The Guy and irfan.

  11. papakeechee : got meh invisible comment? :-p

    ely : syok sendiri plak. please do the tag i nk sangat baca how u met ur papi ;-)

    ellissmie : eh sapa kata tak kena ARE TAGGED ;-)

    ayu : tak kira, tag jugak. use ur imagination to answer hahahaha

    lea : hiks. maluuuu i :-p

    mamatiamia : yes exactly. love is...LOVE. :-) irfan dah ok kejap ja dia tu. happy weekend to u guys too ya ;-)

  12. i dgn berani nya tinggal komen ceeewaaah...
    sooo sweet u ber2 neh :)

  13. First of bukan comment tao Bai..hihihii..saja2 taip jaa sbb suka sgt baca post nii..makin laa Imma duk teringat2 kisah kami jugak..heheh..

    You guys are sooo sweet Bai... ~wink~



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