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The Family Feud is finally settled!

Well, well, well...

All these while we'd been getting remarks that Irfan is a duplicate version of his daddy, with a lighter skin. I agree that they have the same eyes and nose and whenever I look at them together I can really see the resemblance there. A LOT, really!

But then at times when I look at both of mother and son in the mirror, I could see myself in him too. Only thing is I can't detect which part is me, really.

So today I decided to take this test, from The to settle the debate once and for all! And guess what? It's now STATE-OF-THE-ART-FACE-RECOGNITION PROVEN that he's more Merican's, or perhaps Mohamed's than he is Modhavan! Sorry hub, you lose by 5% this time. :-p


  1. aiyoo i dont see it la ... that he looks more like amin!!! ermm sorry bro [in law] but i really cant!!! ali and me always tot he looks more like u - drama mama ... and i guess the meter agrees as well!!! internet meters don't lie kay and so do I!!! ... so lain kali dengaq cakap biras mu ini ^_^

  2. hahahha..the battle is over..i have done this test once too..since ramai yg ckp nazif looks more like his daddy, and i also won by slim percent!

  3. Your lucky it's 5%.Me? won just by 1% the debate is still on going now..hehehe.

  4. I never won even once or even the slimmest percent by using this meter but in real life people keep saying Boboy anak mommy..hahahaha..kira menang jugak laa kan.. ~wink2x~

  5. papakeechee :yesss now i believe you, dulu i thot u were just being nice! wakakkakaka

    applecrux : yeah eventho it was a slim percent, but we still won! yehaaa!

    mila : 1% or even 0.0000001%, you still won no matter what. so stop the debate and bask in the glory. haha!

    imma : ahh memang nampak muka imma, tapiiiiii mata kasar manusia takleh eprcaya. we must trust the meter! wakakakakkakakaka

  6. i rasa irfan sama dgn u tang pipi gebu tu kot. comei!
    hahaha. i shud try la.
    tapi so far, i nmpk physically adam is a mixture of us...but emotionally like me (that's bad, u know!)

  7. isabelle : ha irfan emotionally like me too. i guess it's because my emotions was not stabil throughout my pregnancy so he was affected kot. :-p

  8. wakakakakkaaa........biar lah rupa tu ikut mana2 side, janji perangai yg baik2 tu menurun dr both side.



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