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Open House/ Raya Gathering 2009

During Ramadhan this year, I'd been asking hubby if he didn't want to have his friends over during raya for a makan-makan session at the house. The reason being that none of them had been here, not on official visits with their wives and family. He was hesitant at first as I guess he hated the idea of the hassle of being a host and pitied his wife too.

Last year raya, we had some of my friends with my relatives over for open house and BBQ, and then we had a separate session for hubby's relatives. We had two open house sessions, man! that was very tiresome and so we stopped at that. Thus, this year we've decided to have no open house, but just a simple gathering for a small group of his closest friends.

Hubby requested the main dish for the day : spaghetti bolognaise. And I added some side dishes and deserts to complement them. Because I cooked everything myself, I had to limit the number of dishes or else memang tak menang tangan, what with cooking, cleaning up the house and handling that toddler of mine. Hubby lent a helping hand in taking care of him most of the time, and cleaned up some part of the house.

Hubby made this fruit salad consists of red and green apple mix with yogurt, serious terer hubby i okeh! Next to it is the potato salad i made, it was a hit with among the ladies. Memang sedap hehehe...

Custard with lychee, this was a hit too. And mango flavoured dadih in the small containers. My BIL loved them so much that he tapau-ed back some, and I brought the rest to my mum's.

We'd been counting the number of invitees before and hubby said that I should prepare food for about 10-15 people, but we ended up with almost 30 people who came over. Luckily food was sufficient and we still had some left over which I brought to my mum's that nighty. Anyway, let's see some of the guests in action, makan time!

Our first guests of honor to arrive. After that people just kept coming and going, the flow was just nice.

I told hubby next year we MUST buy bigger dining table so we can accommodate more people to dine at one time.. haha

IMMA yang malu2 kucing to have her face plastered in my blog. haha..and hubby, and their lovely boboy of coz. :-D

Irfan senior and Irfan junior

My BIL's family, haish Kak Rina! Why did u have that red glow in ur eyes in all pics, scary hokeh! huhu

Cuteness! Irfan geram tengok. Hehe

Nice couple : Budan and Ida

The Charlie's Angels, no no, I mean...Hubby's Angels. huahuahua

A couple of them came later that night as they had something earlier. Our door was closed at around 11pm that night.Alhamdulillah, we had a good time entertaining and being a host on that day, and I got to use all my fancy pinggan mangkuk and schmancy cutlery that had been kept in the store for so long! Haha..Most importantly, Irfan enjoyed having so many kids to play with.

Thanks everyone for coming. Do come over anytime you feel like it okie.


  1. Tak jemput sy puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnn

  2. Aduss..kenapa perempuan itu tertunduk2..malu lah tuu..hahahhaa..
    Was it me Bai...owhh noooo...!!! bulatnyaa pipi aku....huwaaaa...!!!
    Anyway..really thanks to u and Amin for the invitation, Bai..hope we can come again some other time bila Boboy dah besaq he wont be bullied by abg Irfan and they could be a good friend just like their dad.. :-)

  3. Ayu : oh lupa, awak kawan amin jugak kannnn..hehe...ala ur most welcome anytime, awak ja yang takmo mai tsk tsk

    imma : hehe insyaAllah. if they're like daddies like sons bole jadi good friends :-D

  4. wahh hebat nyer u handle sorg2....sungguh kagum k :D sure sgt penat kan :D

  5. iefa : ahh penat la jugak but berbaloi baloi. hehe, btw my hubby helped jugak. and my biras helped to serve, washed the dishes and siap bancuh teh tarik lagi! luckily she was around hehe

  6. jeles tgk set corning ware tu..kak ct tiap kali nk wat open house baru rasa nyesal x x terbeli2 gak lg. Bai...hidang fruit salad okey eh..kak ct dok fikir nk hidang fruit salad gak tp azam dok takut cepat basi. Ekceli nk wat open house weekend ni...

  7. now how come i dont have any fancy pinggan mangkuk in my collection? have to start becoming more motherly la camni. heheh.

  8. and i drool over your spaghetti bolognese..hehh..hehh..nice to have makan2 at home kan.

  9. musim open house raya kat malaysia now eh? syok nye :) bai, if we ever go back to malaysia for holiday and sempat gi jalan penang, most definitely kami nak mai umah korang tau!

  10. kak ct : sila la beli. tapi kan, open house kalau better guna paper plate/cups ja lah. bai aritu penat membasuh pinggan ja, luckily my biras was around dia dok tolong basuh.

    fruit salad okie tak basi plak sampai hari ni (still ada leftover). tapi kalau taknak the fruits lebam then jangan potong awal2 la buah tu, buat sikit2.and keep refrigerated.

    lea sh,ea : haha, yes you hafta turn into makcik2 like me, then u'd have the drive to collect the sets. hehe

    mamatiamia : ahh the spaghetti was nothing to shout about, but i believe the potato salad is to die for. haha

    kayla : yaa musim open house skang nih. i think we're done with it la, hopefully no more invitation. ketat perut haha. oh yesss, do come to our house k! jangan lupa bawak crocs untuk irfan hahahaha

  11. wah.. syoknye open house with western taste! susah nk jumpe tu.. mostly people just cook normal dish like bihun sup an so on.. but its really different on u... what a superb idea lah!
    i also like dadih.. especially mango flav!

  12. because I can see EVILness!!!! HUA HUA HUA!!!!

    Ha i suka potato salad itu but i malas wanna make ... can post laju ah!??!? ^_^

  13. chugie : hehe that's because my hubby requested spaghetti so i had to make side dishes yang complement it. if it's up to me i nak buat bihun goreng ja huhu. ut nice la once in a while buat italian/western instead of malay dish.

    sedap kan dadih!

    papakeechee : haha..i thought so! btw, pos laju takleh la, but u can come pick it up at my place hahaaha



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