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Irfan and animals

I'm still in a festive mood, thus no mood to blog. We want to bring Irfan to see animals since he loves learning about animals but is quite scared of the big ones like tiger and such. I just want to familiarize him with those jungle animals and eliminate his fear if possible. Where is the best place to go in the northern region where we can teach him all there is to know about animals? The nearest one we could think of is the Taiping Zoo but it's quite far. Any ideas anyone??


  1. bessnye irfan nak pegi zoo! umur2 mcm ni mmg elok sgtla kenalkan dgn haiwan kan..saya tak dpt nak nolong..kalau kat kl ni leh la p zoo negara hehe

  2. yay, drama-mama's actively back on line! selamat hari raya bai :) maaf zahir & batin... hope ur raya was a blast! so nak bawak irfan tgk animals ye? kat penang takde zoo ke? hmm tapi ada butterfly and snake park kan? aku pun tak penah pi. so kalau u bawak irfan pi, do snap lots of pics for aunty kayla ya dear

  3. farah : itulah, it's the time to teach them all they could absorb. time ni tengok dia nya mind macam sponge..;-)

    kayla : yeah bacck on track! oh ya ada la bird park butterfly farm tu semua but no zoo. so we ended up going to zoo taiping jugak, it was a great experience for him!

  4. Bai..jom pi bird park..bess situ..instead of variety of birds ada menatang2 jugak..kitorg dah pi masa Boboy dalam perut 6 minggu.. :-D



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