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1st Day raya

First day of raya was spent with my family and the in-laws of course. What a pleasant coincidence that this year, all the three couples with our two sons wore something in silver and purple (inlaws family). They make a great combination, silver and purple, no?

Gumuksnya! Benci!

My mum was busy as usual and I cooked the ayam masak merah dish for her. It didn't turn out too well! Kinda too salty. As of previous years, it was a full house on the first day of raya, with friends and relatives all coming over since morning until night time. What a pleasant raya we had, especially with Irfan getting cheekier and entertaining everyone (esp. the grandparents) with his cheekiness.

Now I have to get ready to welcome my visitors tonight. More on raya post soon insyaAllah.


  1. memang nice combination!hehe sian irfan terselit kat belakang..

  2. ha but my son tu posing rambut and pulling my hair some more ... heehe .. but best la ... boria!!! next year we'll surprise ourselves like this again k ... insyaAllah ^_^

  3. farah : kan...purple and silver makes a nice combination. tu la irfan malu2 kucing hehe

    papakeechee : ya next year boria again but lemme pick the color okie ;-)

    mrs shiv : gemuk laaaaaaaaa, makan banyak! *sob*sob*

  4. Helluuu..
    slamat hari raya..
    theme kita same-same lah..

    Bai..u hepi eh..chubby sket..
    tpi chomelll...ikhlas nih..heheh

  5. Selamat hari raya Bai:)

    Irfan byk collect duit raya?
    He soo comell like his mummy ^^

  6. shaferlicious : sama la tapi i grey la..irfan and hubby purple huhuhu...

    padnani : selamat hari raya. adala collection sikit2, tak banyak macam last year hehe



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