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Motherhood Lesson

I thought I've learned all I needed to know about motherhood. Or to be exact, about how to handle my toddler. Today I figured out that I was wrong. Motherhood is a long journey, and I'm sure as we go through life we'll learn more tricks and skills to get us through trying times with our child.

I've figured out a few new tricks on how to handle my sick child while keeping my sanity in check.

1. Today I learned a new concept of sponging. All these while I'd been using tap water and sponge Irfan on his forehead only (and sometimes his palm and feet) but today my dad informed me to sponge him with ice water, start from his head and goes all the way down the body. Oh, camtu rupanya sponging, tengok drama swasta TiVo letak kat forehead ja.

2. Don't give him the medicine while he was lying on the bed, carpet, sofa or anywhere with sheet/cover as the possibility he might vomit is quite high (at least that's the case with my toddler). If you do it, then be prepared to change the sheets or cushion cover every time you feed him his meds.

3. You'll need to sleep lightly at night, as his temperature could shoot up in no time at all. So check them frequently to make sure the fever is under control. And don't forget to sponge him every once in a while.

4. The concept of 'Menanam tebu di tepi bibir' - Your husband might promise all sorts of things before you go to bed, but when you try to wake him up in the middle of the night to help with the baby he'd get cranky and cover his head with pillows. The worst thing that could happen is he'd go sleep in the other room. Haha. So as an alternative, make sure he takes the earlier shift - before you go to bed - and you take the night shift. That way it could be less tiring for both of you, thus unnecessary bitching arguments can be avoided.

5. Sick child wants full attention on themselves, so don't dream of having too much time for yourself. The house will be in total mess, so husband's help is very important during these time. But if you could live with the mess, then be it. Anak dah baik demam nanti, spring clean lah.

Whatever it is, lots of patience is needed to take care of a sick baby/toddler. Just remember that every loving touch we offer the child, we're rewarded by God Almighty.

And remember that you've gone through those nine months hardships, this is surely nothing compared to that, right?


  1. YUP...satu lagi selalu mama saya buat lau saya demam adalah letakkan kain tuala kecil yg basah oleh air ais tu di kedua2 ketiak saya walaupun saya meronta dan tak suka mama letak juga. tp bila saya rasa panas membara sgt, saya biar je kain di kepala n ketiak tu...hehehehehe.....

  2. fuh..... it's a huge resposibility.
    hats off to all mummy out there :)

  3. adwanencem : oh ya betul, kat ketiak jugak letak, tapi memang lah dia meronta2. hehe

    mrs shiv : yes it is. thanks on behalf of all mommies :-D pray that ur time will come soon.

  4. kak ct pun mula2 ada anak dulu dok sponge kepala je..pastu one day temperature syaza naik masa kat umah SIL..dia buka sume baju sluar syaza..bawak gi toilet..basahkan kepala dia..letak towel kecik kat leher, bawah ketiak dia & celah kangkang..mmg nangis x hingat. kesian sgt masa tu...

  5. kak ct : a'ah biasa la kan awal2 tak tahu. doookkk la sponge kat dahi tu, takdak effect pon haha.

    tapi abah bai akap cmasa nak sponge towel tu kena perah kering2 coz takut air sejuk tu serap dada...nanti kes lain pulak. wallahualam. lain orang lain style. :-D

  6. I remembered once masa all the girls kecik2, slightly older than Irfan sekarang ni, tiga2 demam serentak... mmmg macam tongkang pecah la rumah heheheh. And kita orang dulu tak sponge pun... terus mandi teruih. Lepas tu lap kering2. aaaah those days

  7. salam drama mama,

    hows irfan? hope get well soon ya dear..

    besides sponging baby, U also can try letak air asam jawa kat kepala baby if baby demam reduce his high temperature.

    emm..mmg mencabar mental fizikal kan..All d best to Us:)

  8. our paed dulu pun pesan .. not the thead only dear.. the whole body , esp under arm pit..

    hmm aku la tu .. kena tukar bedsheet tiap kali.. huhuhu hate to do that

  9. a gud entry!! sgt berguna bila facing anak yg sakit,,plg best yg bab menanam tebu di tepi bibir tu..HAHHAHAH..mmg tepat sekali !!

  10. abang a'a : tiga2 demam serentak??oh tidakkkk bole pengsan tuh. :-D o mandi yer, macam my parents memang tak kasi mandi. different style kan.

    padnani : alhamdulillah he's recovered now. air asam jawa eh? tak pernah dengar lagi, thanks for the info. will try it if he ever get fever again sigh.. :-)

    zoora : haa tu lah. paed zahra kat na eh? pantai yer? haa kan...penat ooo buat laundry bila dia asyik uwekkk ja. so baik aku letak atas lantai lapik kain nipis yang senang nak basuh hehehe *kejam*

    mikyal : hahaha finally ada momma yang agree with me. husbaaaaaaannndd!*geleng kepala* tsk tsk tsk



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