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Dugaan Tanpa Zuriat

I'm watching the talkshow of the famous ustaz and ustazah couple on TV9, the topic today is "Dugaan Tanpa Zuriat".

I would just like to share with those trying to conceive what was shared with the ustazah. These two duas were recited by Prophet Zakaria asking mercy from Allah swt to bless him with a child. The miracolous thing is that his wife was already monopause at the time they conceived Prophet Yahya.

Doa 1: Surah Al Anbia Ayat 89 and
Doa 2: Surah Ali Imran 38

And of course don't forget to work for it. Happy trying :-)


  1. i 'ter'tengok this show this evening, the guest was atie n hubby kan? but i tak tengok lama ah, i takleh tolerate sgt le ustazah tu, ehehe, sorry

  2. padnani : hope it's beneficial to all :-D

    anne : yaka? why eh? she's too talkative eh, or perhaps u can't stand the series of pantun? hahahaha

  3. nanti farha tengok laa, untuk future jugak :p

  4. farha : amboi, near future? dah ada hati nak kawin la nih cik farha kita! tsk tsk tsk

  5. thank you for sharing:)

  6. thanx for sharing babe...really applicable to me :)
    insyaallah akan diusahakan

  7. verde : all the best, insyaAllah ada rezeki nanti tu :-D



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