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Chicken Curry Recipe

A few people adala sorang dua yang tanya has been asking me about the chicken curry recipe. One thing to stress here, my cooking usually doesn't follow certain recipes, I always put in ingredients sesuka hati mak nenek the way I like it. Sometimes it turned out great, sometimes it didn't. But for chicken curry, here's how I do it.

Drama Mama Chicken curry recipe (for 2-3 person) :

*2 medium sized onions,
*4-6 cloves garlic
*2cm Fresh ginger (*all blended together with a little bit of water)
Cinnamon stick
Green cardamom
Red chillies (sliced into halves)
Green chillies (sliced into halves)
6-7 pieces of chicken
2 potatoes each cut into quarters
Tomato cut into halves
2 tablespoon of chili paste
1 1/2 (small) pack of Baba's meat curry powder (you can use other brand as well)
Fresh Coconut oil (50cents)

Method :

1. Heat up some cooking oil in a work and stir-fry the blended ingredients and herbs until aromatic, add in the chili paste and stir fry until a thin layer of oil rises to the top. Add in the meat curry powder and fry for just a while (jangan sampai hangit ya).
2. Add in water, potato, tomato, red chilies, chicken and continue stirring until it’s almost cooked.
3.Add the coconut milk and continue to simmer for another 15-20 minutes, over low heat.
4. Add salt to taste and serve while it's still hot.

* Green chilies sometimes used for decorative purpose, but my family and I loves eating them fresh and crunchy. So I just throw them in before I serve the curry.
** You can also add in other vegetables together with the potatoes, e.g. carrot. I use carrot to get the healthy juice, and my son loves eating the carrot.
*** I usually add in just a little bit of air asam because I cant resist a hint of sour taste.


  1. Sis..
    Mucho Gracias!
    Mcm tau tau je kan hihihi.
    Mesti sedap kan :-)

  2. jetsetter : haha tak tahu lah. cuba dulu baru tau. ;-) tapi kena pandai agak garam dan asam tu ye, and not too much santan kalau tak spoilt :-D

  3. wah.. got recipe ya! thanx for sharing it wit us..:D

  4. listedd in ma menu buka pose..hihii laparnyer tgk...

  5. woo wo..sedapnya..
    aunty carliff nakkkk..

  6. chugie : no prob dear ;-)

    iefa : haaa makan jangan tak makan, puasa ka ni? haha

    shaferlicious : carliff nak ka mak carliff nak? hahaha



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