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The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Irfan is fond of Mickey Mouse. He likes others like Barney and Thomas too, but his love for Mickey exceeds the rest. Tak percaya? Watch this.



  1. teleng kepala aku menonton

  2. tengok anak sendiri teleng sikit takpa :-p

  3. mmg kids suka sgt ngan mickey mouse...syaza sampai skang excited ngan 'mis kam'(mickey mouse). I've no idea mana dia dpt word tu..may be from lagu dia.

  4. hahah cute!! psyched giler dia tgk mickey ye. dah lama tak dgr budak2 tgk mickey. still wujud ye kartun2 mickey yg baru?

  5. kak ct : mugkin from lagu la "the magic word : MISKA muska mickeyyyyy mouuuusee!"..haaah kan samapi mak budak pun dah hafal wakakaka

    mrs shiv : thanks, i've got more to come

    kayla : kannn! aku punya la dok gelak sorang2, dia melompat macam dok tengok konsert ja. wakakaka

    oh yes, skarang ada mickey mouse clubhouse, takde lar kartun bodo2 time cam kita dulu. but i still think ours is much better! :-)

  6. huaaa.....excited dia :D

  7. amy : oh yezzer, very the melodrama kan

  8. heheh ... so cute!! at least he's normal likes cartoons ... arees susah la .. he doesnt really like watching tv ... only certain ads and songs ... other than tat jgn harap he'll sit still to watch tv and especially cartoons ... huhuhuhu ....

    Aqil Irfan come teach ur little cousin bro how to watch some tv pleaseeeeeeeeeeee !!! ... @_@

  9. papakeechee : oh yes! he loves Playhouse Disney tapi can only watch at my mum's la coz we dun haf astro maa..

    i think becoz since right after pantang, I always put on barney dvd for him, and believe it or ot at the age of 3 months he's started watching them dengan kusyuknya.

    takpa tak tengok tv good lah, at least u won't have to berebut remote with him. one man in the house untuk berebut remote is enuff what :-p

  10. salam,
    alahai sronoknye tgk Irfan joget2.. cute je.

  11. nurhayati : haha...dia memang kaki joget :-p



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