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To whom it may concern

I just hate Mr. And Mrs. Know-It-All. I've tried to limit my contact with them just because I feel they're not worth my time.

I hate rude people who shouts at you for not doing things THEIR way, when actually you were doing them a favour by helping out with their tasks. IF you have dissatisfaction, you could just tell it nicely to these people, and not shout and scream at them for no reason that they could discern. People like these should be shunted aside so that other people won't be sinning by talking about them behind their back.

I too hate people who would complain just about everything about you, like calling you names the minute they see you, and it was no coincidence that you were wearing something nice and stylo, and then will ask you where you get this thing and that. Talking about pure jealousy..sigh..when will they learn to be satisfied with what they have and not be jealous of what others have?

I'm not the only one feeling this way about these kinda people, there are others with me who don't dare voice it out as they have more to lose than me.

But I couldn't care less, could I?????


  1. huih, marah nampak? and it's only monday! (which means that something must have happened over the weekend at the kenduri u went to, huh?)

    haa i know, next time, to those people like that, u just go, 'talk to the hand, coz the ears sho ain't listening!' (jgn lupa snap yo fingga and shake yo head sista!)

  2. OFF With THier HEADS!!! and other crucial body parts if neccessary ... tat might shut them up!!! I hate them too even tho I have no idea who ur talking about?!!? Do educate me please ... ^_^

  3. kayla : haha no not at THAT kenduri lah. just that i had the chance to consult other people about it during the weekend, and sooooooooo knows that others feel the same way like me. and aku kira mewakili rakan2 yang lain lah ni :-p

    kak rina : will let u know later when i see you yah! :-p

  4. Oooooohhh.. gossip! Nak tau jugak <--kepoh!



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