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Of him turning 29 y.o while his turning 1 y.o

Another 6 days and hubby will be 29 years old while on the same day Irfan will turn 1 year old. It's been a blissful (almost) one year of our live. Just thinking of all that we went through the first 7 years of our courtship and then another year of engagement before we became each other's, can put a (pretty..ehem) smile on my face. I love my hubby and won't trade him with another for as long as I live (eceh..nyampah tak?)

I'm excitedly waiting for the day to come. Hubby applied for leave so that we can bring Irfan for his 1 year old jab, then we plan to spend the day, just the three of us doing everything and nothing. Maybe we'll bring him to the Metropolitan park again as the last time we brought him there it rained after about half an hour, thus we didn't get to enjoy tossing Irfan on the grass and make some Bollywood scene by rolling here and there. :-D

Everyone is excited to buy him presents, especially his grandparents. I know that abah bought him something already, but it shall remain secret until after his birthday. Mak keep on asking me where to get his toys yang best2. I told her Toys R Us la mana lagi kan hehe. MIL pun kept on telling my BIL to save money! to buy Irfan the moving car or something. But most probably FIL will be the one having to fork out the money in the end as my BIL is saving up for his wedding, which will take place in less than 3 months. Kakak was also asking me a couple of months back on what kinda toys Irfan likes, and I said anything but soft toys. He's not into all those cuddly stuff so much, a real macho man his father said.

Anyway, what about me? Will I get him some super-cute presents? Well, I dun think so. Not on his birthday anyway, maybe later on as we're now in the middle of budgeting for our renovation, so money is a bit tight. However I did get him some pre-birthday present consists of some cute pants (leggings) from here . They are sooo cute aren't they? We (hubby and I) especially love the blue stripes legging with monkey face on the butt. We tried it on Irfan last night and it made his butt became too irresistable not to bite! So if you heard all the wailing and crying last night, now you know what is was all about. One bun for mama and one bun for abah. Aha.!

A little update on Irfan. He now can make the finish-motion with his hands when u say "Finish", but please don't say that when he's in the middle of enjoying his meal. He'll get cranky and throw his tantrum, beat you and all. Naughty! Mak taught him to imitate bird's flying, he can do it but it looks as if he's giving his goodbye wave, only with both hands. Super cute!

P/S : I haven't got any idea on what to give hubby this time around. He's planning to get his car painted, so maybe I can contribute to that eh? Haaa...seriously no idea!! Help needed!


  1. haa..bai beli ke leggings tu...kak asiah pun dok berkenan gak. pastu lupa nak tanya azam..trus lupa sampai la ni. nak beli gak la..hihi

  2. hehehe beli dah kak asiah..siap beli complete set. tapi kain dia panas skit la, takleh nak pakai lelama unless time sejuk (hujan / aircond). but sangat2 cute tau! :-D

  3. No idea gak hehe.. so when's the party? KAK Ayu wanna come :p

  4. lol. Check it out.

  5. party tak jadi la ayu. sob sob..unless la kalau KAK AYU nak sponsor :-p



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