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Of A Long Weekend

Long weekends always leave me wanting for more holidays. Monday (or in this case Tuesday) blues always makes me wanna wake up late and just loiter around for one whole day.

Especially so when we had a blissful weekend like our last weekend. We managed to crammed in quite a number of activities during those 3 funfill days.

Saturday :
-Weekend started off beautifully with Irfan giving his beloved mama a wake up kiss. And mama in return cooked him a scrumptious meal consists of egg yolk (to test his allergy reaction as proposed by the nurse), brocolli, carrot and slices of cheese with rice. Just a simple breakfast of egg sandwich for both mama and abah.
- Abah (tok abah), mak (maktok) and myself (mama) and Irfan had a delightful FREE! lunch at Berjaya Georgetown Hotel. The food was not bad, ice cream was superb! I love the choc toppings and choc rice, I think I was overdose on that, coz balik umah ja dah all high and sleepy. :-p
- After hubby got back from the workshop at around 5pm, we managed to send off the wedding clothes to tailor.
- Then, went fan hunting. Due to urgent need but tight budget, we were looking for the cheapest ceiling fans we could find in market. In and out of shops, in and out again. I think we visited more than 6 shops before we finally found the shop that had what we wanted. It was, of course, our regular lighting shop i.e KA Lighting & Metrolux.
- Hubby was starving for he didn't had lunch yet. I was craving for Nasi Kandar Imigresen so we stopped by to have the nasi kandar at the stall itself. Kopi O didn't taste good, but the nasi was just heavenly! Especially the fried chicken and bawang goreng (fried onion). Forgot to take pic of the stall, will try to do it when I go there again next time.
- Went back home sweet home (mak's place), fuss over hubby a bit (playing good wifey!) and went to sleeeeep. Waking up again to the feel of Irfan touching mama's face and giving mama kisses and hugs - oh! please wake up mama. I miss u soooo! Hehe..But eyelids were too heavy so continue sleeping till morning, next day. :-D

Sunday :
- Played with Irfan while hubby spent the day painting walls at his mum's.
- At noon, went to Makchaq's for lunch and lepak till evening
- Then headed to Mamu Ekan's house. Irfan was being clingy as usual when he's around 'strangers' (seldom-met relatives) throughout the day. Went back home-sweet Sg.Ara-home with hubby after Maghrib.
- Dinner at Ara Cafe at where else but Sg. Ara, food was seriously NOT nice! The prawns were smelly (hanyir?), the egg was not done properly and the fried rice was tasteless. Lemon juice were too SWEEEET, it's supposed to be sour what?!! Please don't dine there people. It's a waste of money.

Monday :
- Called up Mr Rafi the electrician but he rejected our calls. Got fed up, and called Mr. Liew the Electrician and he immediately agreed to come fix the fans for us. See, camana nak bagi bussiness kat bangsa sendiri when they themselves are doing it acuh tak acuh. Whatever.
- Lunch at Cargas Cafe (Simply Diff 'rnt), place was packed with lunch-goers! Food was not bad, I'd recommend it to those who wanna have nasi (melayu) campur for lunch. It's nearby Kampung Seronok, the once-famous village in Penang Island.
- Met Miss Liew the Wardrobe Lady to look at the revised design. Made some changes, and finalised. Ask her to email the quotations together with kitchen cabinet, and tell her to please please please make it possible to be completed within 2 weeks time. She couldn't promise, benci tau!
- Mr. Rafi the Electirican called, hubby's okay bro, maybe next time! :-p
- Went back home and tidy up a bit. Mr Liew came as promised and started his work immediately! Wow, this guy is (quite) efficient.

Rusty fan we had for the past 9 months, and it didn't work like it was supposed to.

Yeay! Now the living hall is much much much cooler than it used to be. Mak has got no excuse not to sleep at my place anymore. :-p We installed new fans in all the rooms (2 in living rooms and 3 in the bedrooms). We too installed new lights in the master bedroom and it's now officially my fav space in the whole house.

Mak and Pah arrived at the house just minutes after Mr. Liew came. Thus, I took the opportunity to cleaned, vacuumed, mopped the house until night while she looked after Irfan. Hubby and brother went to the nightmarket (Bukit Gedung nightmarket is on Sunday nights ya peeps while Sg. Ara nightmarket on Friday nights). They came back with foods fit for the king. Mak aih! There were too many of it. A full bag of chicken wings, two boxes of nightmarket pizza (tastier than Pizza Hut seriously), rangka ayam (in english?), nasi lemak for each of us, Cocoa Drinks- and whatelse - I didn't even bother to look as I was stuffed to the max.

Managed to pujuk mak to spend the night in Sg. Ara. Yippie! A good, uninterrupted night sleep for me as Irfan 'had' to accompany maktok to sleep. :-p Due to good sleep last night, this morning I'm supposed to be all fresh and awake so why am I still sleepy??? Sigh..

P/S : I told hubby, at least we've already taken the first step in refurbishing the house. I hope the rest will progress faster from now onwards. Oh! Just can't wait for it to complete! :-D


  1. apa kah itu rangka ayam?!! chicken skeleton??? erkk!!!
    and wow .. looks like u painted the ceiling as well!! kekekek

  2. haha rangka ayam can only be found in night market. try it. sedaaap! hehe

    looks like i painted it eh. the wonders of good lightings can do to ur house :-D



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