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Cha cha cha chaa!

Once a week, on Wednesday night the management people of our apartment organize a [paid] dance lessons at the community hall. I've seen the residents who signed up for this class learning a few types of dance, namely line dance, ballroom dance and so on and so forth. Not that I know anything about dancing, but tonight I'm quite sure the dance routine they did was Cha cha (is that even the correct way to spell it?).

All of a sudden, I got pretty excited hearing the music and asked mrhubby to join me in the computer room. The hall is just opposite our unit and since it's an open-air type of hall except for the solid rooftop, we can pretty much see what's going on there.

The hall had been lively just a few minutes back but when I went to take picture, the lesson has ended. Next time perhaps.

Anyway, back to my story.I was pretty much excited and so asked hubby to dance to the song. He did, and I started to follow after him. Much to my annoyance, he burst out laughing at me. He went "U memang kaki bangku", and I couldn't help but laughed out loud in agreement.

If any of you see me dancing the way I did, you would be forced to agree with him as well. I was skipping clumsily and stumbling rather than dancing, while hubby did it so smoothly, in time with the rhythm. Ca ca caaa, ca ca caaa. He tried to teach me for a while, but gave up pretty quickly.

Yes, I'm just plain hopeless, and now I'm admitting to the whole world that I AM a kaki bangku. Would anybody care to give me an intensive - and I mean reaaallly intensive - lesson in dancing?


  1. hahaha.... I was laughing alone when I read ur post in my office. By the way, I am also like U, kaki bangku!! lolz.....

  2. oh puga, i thot i was the only one. hahaha



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