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Moving Place

My very first entry - as a drama mama - in this blog.

I've been blogging in my previous blog since like, 2005. However after I delivered my son 11 months ago and we moved into our new house, I was without internet connection for more than 5 months. I then lost the password to my gmail account, thus the blog couldn't be accessed as well. Thousands of times had I tried to recover it, but to no avail. So I guess, there's a downside to using blogspot after all (because it's connected to your gmail account). Mind you, I could still post and edit in that blog using my husband's account as he's a member of it, but I could do nothing else besides that. Hence, my decision to create this blog for future ramblings and whatnot.

So everyone, welcome to my new home.

1 comment:

  1. i just love ur backgroud!!! comel gilerr!!! hehehe ... didnt know blogspot could add add bg all ... can wordpress do the same?!?!?!? kekeke ... btw i love ur new home ... will always pay u a visit k =)))



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