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EGG Allergy

Ever since I moved back to Penang after giving birth to dear munchkin, our weekend has ALWAYS been packed. We always had somewhere to go, some errands to run, some weddings or kenduri to attend. Hubby and I sooo wish for a quiet day at home doing nothing, just the three of us. I hope we'll get to do that soon.

Anyway, renovation should start end of this week, or at least early next week. I hope there'll be no more delays. I feel like we're in a shinking ship, all those stuff scattered everywhere with no proper space to keep it. So finally - InsyaAllah - we'll have our kitchen renovated and a wardrobe built in the master bedroom.

We have a small cabinet (kitchen) to sell off. We've been using it for like approximately 8 months and it's still in a very good condition (MIL bought this when I was still in confinement). I shall put up the pics in here soon just in case there's anyone of you interested in getting a small-ish cabinet for your kitchen. Anyway, here's the plan for our kitchen :

1) Tabletop and cabinet for both side fo the wall; one wall will be L-shape.
2) One side of tempered-glass(?) cabinet to keep my pinggan mangkuk with downlight for dazzling effect (as suggested by a few of you).
3) Extend the kitchen area into our wash/dry area. Hack the door and window frames. Built sliding doors at the end of the kitchen wall.
4) Raise the floor of the now-dry -area, tiled it up.

I just hope that the reno works won't take soo long since we'll still be living in the house. I know all the debris and dust could affect Irfan in one way or another. I guess I hafta clean up or at least mop the house every (night) when the reno is in progress. Sigh..penatnya.

Speaking of Irfan, yesterday morning I was in mak's house. At around 9-ish we decided to have a breakfast of toasts and half-boiled egg at our favourite mamak - Hutton Lane. Hubby and I went first (with Irfan in tow of coz) and upon arriving Abah called asking where we were and decided to join us.

I forgot to bring Irfan's breakfast - his slices of cheese - that morning. Being Irfan, he always wants to eat whenever we eat so I gave him some soft portions of the bread (roti benggali) dip in the half-boiled egg. He ate quite a lot before he started to choke. I was quite shocked, I pat his back. Then he was heaving and heaving, you know, making that motion as if he wanted to throw up. A few times he did that and finally he threw up. Quite a lot, throwing up and heaving and crying in between. We pat and pat his back and made him drink some plain water to clear his throat. Then we headed back to mak's place.

I thought that was it, but it turned out to be otherwise.

I was busy recounting the story of him vomitting and all upon arriving, when suddenly mak said "Look at him first, he's crying tu..maybe he wants some milk". I look at my son and realized something was amiss. Then I realized that his eyes had started to swell and it became reddish. I was panicky and practically jumped outside to tell hubby about it. We straight away brought him to his paed and upon arriving the paed asked " Ha, batuk tak baik lagi ka?" Heh, nampak sangat la Ifan ni lately asyik sakit saja. Anyway, we got him checked and the doc asked if we've given him eggs before. We did, but it was hard-boiled egg, not half-boiled egg and he'd no allergic reaction towards it. But the doc said that he's definitely allergic to egg since there's a history of eczema and sinus and asthma in both our families. So, egg is a no-no for Irfan for now. Tak kisah la telur rebus ka half-boiled ka kan.

After that we went back to mak's place again, setting our mind to still follow the parents to a kenduri in Seberang eventho abah said earlier that we shouldn't go with Irfan's condition. We gave him his medicine, and then he started to throw up again. This time it was sooo very bad, it was as if tab water was pouring out of his mouth. I got panicky again tapi mak rileks saja so I calmed myself down. She's seen worse in raising us I guess. So we bathe him again and decided not to follow to the wedding. Put him to sleep and let him have the much needed rest.

Betul la what our parents always said : It's not easy to bring us up. There'll be many panicky, worrying and sad moments in raising a child. So it'll be very heart breaking if the child grows up to be disobeying and disrespectful towards their own parents. I must now practice to be nicer to them (my parents), thanks to Irfan for making me realize it. :-D


  1. poor boy ... hope he gets better =))

    my mom selalu kata "bila hang dpt anak baru hang tau!!"... so true ... *sigh
    and i believe in listening to your parents also ... ada hikmah!!! i try to listen as much as i can now ... hehehe

  2. yala. hehe..i TRY to listen to them now. hehe..lagi pon when i dun, amin will scold me. so it's quite tough to disobey la.. :-p

  3. woppsss...both my kids kenai telur once their age reached 1 1/2years old!..biasalah anak2 kita nih high mummy dia kena xtra care la..

  4. watie, takla dream kitchen sangat. just hafta make do with what we can afford. uwaaa!

    and yeah, ur babies ada eczema kan? dah okie? egg after 1 1/2 years eh, hmmm so i guess i just hafta wait a bit longer lah. :-D



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