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Huggies Dry Pants : A Wonder Pants Indeed!

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With the Lil Guy (my 1st born who is now 5 y.o), I was a naive, first time mother who never really bothered to explore the best options there is for my baby. I still remember how bad his nappy rash was, my poor baby! He was constantly feeling uncomfortable and in pain until he was almost 2 y.o. So after all that was over, I vowed that it was an experience that I would never, ever want to repeat in my lifetime, if I can help it. EVER! Not with my other babies.

So when the Lil Bro was born (he is now 4m.o), we were prepared to explore more options especially in terms of the diapering products. This is because he has been 'blessed' with a sensitive skin too, just like his older brother. Even though he doesn't has it as bad as his brother did (thank God for that) but you know what they say; prevention is better than cure!

Earlier in his life, we were just switching between few brands of diapers and I realized that I had some issues with most of them. Leakage in the middle of the night (which means more laundry for me : NAYYY!!!!) and the red marks around his yummylicious drumsticks thigh are just among other things that started me searching for a better diapering brand in the market. It was pure luck when a friend recommended Huggies Dry Pants as she said she found it to be more convenient compared to other diapering products. So I thought, if it is a change for better convenience, then why not?

So we gave it a try...

And it was love at first try! My only regret was; why wasn't I introduced to it earlier? This has got to be the most perfect diapering product for me and my boy! Definitely meets all the criteria I was looking for in a diaper.

- For one : it is AFFORDABLE! That is definitely my Number 1 criteria for a diaper.
- It is also clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash. No diaper rash means a happy baby, AND a happy baby = a happy mommy! ^____^

- Not only that, I discovered that Huggies® Dry Pants keeps my baby's skin dry and healthy. How? This is because it has a 100% breathable cover, so the nappy area gets better ventilation. And his skin stays dry until it's time for a nappy change! 

- And the best thing is it has the quick lock system that helps prevent leakage. This is definitely a YAYYY for me as it means, there's no more leaking in the middle of the night. I get my beauty sleep and the Lil Bro gets all the comfort he needs for a good night sleep too!

See how comfortable he is in his sleep wearing the Huggies Dry Pants?

- The double leak barriers provide EXTRA PROTECTION against leak at the legs. At 4m.o, Lil Bro is going through the ‘kicking and cycling stage’ hence the extra protection helps in preventing leak. Oh gosh, this is exciting, isn't it?!? 

- As his comfort is on my top priority, I fell in love with the soft and snug waistband, AND the soft-stretchy sides which provides comfort for my boy. It helps preventing red marks on his thigh and waist. Precious!

- The 'Wear Any-side Snug Fit' allows the pants to be worn any side and still provide him with a comfortable snug fit. That's a plus factor for a SAHM like me who's always on my feet tending to TWO VERY FUSSY PRINCES and A KING. Haha!

- Ok, you might find this bit gross, but I just have to stress it here. As Lil Bro is a fully breastfed baby, most of the time his stool consistency is somewhat runny, creamy and yuckie! (Lol) So nappy changing can get somehow messy with the use of conventional diapers. But with Huggies Dry Pants, the 'Tear-away Side Seams' made it easy for removal of soiled pants. That means, nappy changing session can now be Mess-Free AND Stress-Free!

So tell me, how can I not love the pants?!?

With the Lil Guy, the moment he started crawling and walking, it was a challenge chasing after him for each and every diaper changing sessions. But now I am welcoming the thought of having Lil Bro exploring his new abilities to crawl and walk soon. Because with Huggies Dry Pants concept of - Koyak, Salin, Lepas - I know for sure I won't be going through the same ordeal again.
With the comfort that it provides, playtime can be more exciting for the Lil Bro too!!

As for me, the benefits of the ‘wonder pants’ are countless. But most importantly, I could change him while I’m in the kitchen cooking, or while running after his older brother. It doesn’t matter. With Huggies Dry Pants, the amount of time I spend on nappy changing could be cut shorter!

And here’s the best part : because it is so easy to do, I could even bully them boys to do it for me too. Muahahahaha!

So I have indeed changed for better convenience, korang bila lagi?

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