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Disney Toy Shelf : We Want!

He is back to Spidey obsession. Last birthday we were relieved to be able to get him something other than Spidey. Ni dah nak everything Spiderman balikkkkk.

A couple of months before his birthday, while we were cleaning up his room he said to me "I wish I have a toy rack like Abang Ariez. So easy to keep toys" with a sad face. I knew that it was his muka sedih olok-olok  but I also knew that he knew that his mom would definitely fell for it. Pandai anak aku ni tauuuu!

So I went and google around to see if I can find anything like it and apparently they even have Spiderman's design now! So mak dia pun dah tergedik la nak beli for him.

But then,  recently he asked for the Spiderman/Marvel tab sleeve pulak. I asked him to choose which he wanted and he said he can't choose. Dua2 pun nak! Hahaha. Melampau kan! And who knew what he would ask for in a couple more days.

Since we are treating him to a holiday for his birthday soon, I am just gonna put his birthday present on hold dulu lah. Let's see after we come back, maybe he'd change his mind and would want something else. 

That boy changes his mind like he changes his clothes!

1 comment:

  1. as salam sis..
    lama dah tak jejak kaki ke sini...

    anak2 memang dah pandai trick their moms kan...
    buat muka sedih skit kita dah fell for it hehehehe...



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