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A happy one!

It was my boys birthday on 19th March.

The hubs said we should stop having a celebration every year. But how could I? It's the birthday of my most two cherished pumpkins. Ones who complete me. So how can I not celebrate them who bring joy into my life??? You tell me!

So I prepared a simple celebration for the lil guy at school as he wanted to celebrate it with his friends. The cake was awesome! He picked the design, theme, colors. And he was pretty fussy about it. Wanted a 3-tier cake, can you believe that guy?!?

Told him ONE TIER would be good enough, and alhamdulillah Mimi from Melting Bites did a great job with the cake. He was happy enough with the amazing single tiered cake. ^_______^

 We didn't do anything special or out of ordinary on that day though. However, I did feel like it was their best birthday ever just because we got to spend time together. Alhamdulillah. And towards the evening, just when the big guy thought that the day was all about celebrating the day his son was born, I took out the little surprise I prepared for him the night before. The 'kek lapis meri' that he loves so much! Made with love by moi, which is what makes it so special for him. Haha :-p

I love you darling. I would never ever forget the special day of the one who lend me his 'tulang rusuk' now, would I? ;-)

That night after the little 'surprise' episode, I overheard the lil guy - who had a hard time keeping the secret from his dad - asking : "Abah, you thought there was no cake for you huh? Mana bolehhhh. Semua orang mesti dapat cake on their birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABAH". Omigosh, is this boy the sweetest or what?!?!? 

On the other hand, my dad said "Lepas dia kahwin nanti, kalau bini dia tak celebrate dengan cake, jenuh dia merajuk kot". So I guess I should always give an advance warning to my future DIL about his little obsession. Muahahahaha!

1 comment:

  1. alolololo sweeeeetnya irfan kan....
    suka bila dengar anak2 kita bercakap kan...
    sometimes those unexpected words that comes out from their mouth can melt anyones' heart gitu kannnn....



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