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Kembali menggila!

After I gave birth to the lil bro couple of months ago, I had my confinement at my mom's house. Thus I was away for 44 days and my mini garden was left unattended for just as long, save for a couple of brief visit from the big guy weekly when he came back to take stuffs etc. So when I came home after the confinement period was over, the first thing I did was to check on my balcony. And it was in a sad condition with most plants dying and bird poops were everywhere.

I was disappointed! And felt defeated at first. Maybe it's time to restore the balcony to it's former, barren state?

But out of love for the greeneries, and because I want my boys to enjoy a calm and peaceful ambient despite living in a high rise unit, I made plans to restore my mini garden to it's former glory. Ecehhhh!!!

The money plant is slowly crawling. I'm planning to have it cover the wall and have it berjurai to the ground too!

The grass was too hard to maintain, so I switch it to garden tiles. Besides, it's more convenient for people to step on. I nourished the plants back to 'health', and guess what? They began to bloom again! Yayyyyy!!! And now I have a plan to start a herbs corner in whatever limited space I have left in my garden. Ohhh I'm so excited already just thinking about it!

Here are some of the ideas I got from around the web :

All images here are googled and the credits to their respective uploaders/owners

After looking at all these beautiful garden ideas, I realize that I definitely need to rearrange mine!


  1. eii..lawanya.
    tapi apakah i yg brown fingers ni akan berjaya menanam the greens mcm tu jugak?huhu

  2. I ni pun mostly amin yang tanam...i jaga ja muahahaha! Bukan apa kat tanah ada cacing la snails la...menjerit2 i bila nampak. Hehehe

  3. Very nice :)
    I suka succulents tapi kat area rumah I ni susah nak cari yang besar2 & tak banyak choices. And I'm not good with pokok keladi also. Selalu tanam dalam pasu besar, lama2 daun makin kecik :-/



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