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Freedom finally!

I don't mind pantang food so much, but being cooped up in the house for 40 days made me go nuts. So the day lil bro turned 40 days, I told the hubs to please please please bring me out to see the world. Haha! So he did.

And today is my second shopping escapade since after confinement, before we go home tomorrow. I felt like a wild animal being let loose in the forest. Nampak apa semua nak beli! Oh money, why you no fall from the sky?!?!?!?

Since we left the lil bro at home with his grandma, dapat lah mama ber hoo haa for a while. Felt like dolu2 when there were just the three of us around. I am still getting used to have a squeaky little handbag that need to be carried on my other shoulder wherever we go. But of course, it's only been 43 days since he came into our life.

I'm sure I'll get used to it pretty soon!


  1. nikmatnya dah abis pantang kan? sama la...


  2. Squeaky lil handbag...hehe...
    I remembered after I gave birth to Izzo, my second child. Lepas je habis pantang, hubby belanja makan kat luar. Mcm you, we also brought our first child and left the baby.
    I ingat lagi I pakai ala2 summer dress...and one of the waitress said, "akak pregnant eh..?" Aiyoyo...huhuuu
    Sekarang dah habis pantang, rasa senang sikit nak buat kerja around the house, kan? Still, take care :)

  3. lain kan bila kita hang out after berpantang..

    macam jakuns sangat hokay..

    btw, congrate! huhuhuhuhu, my turn next april..

  4. amboi...kemain si abang nye mimik muka ni.:-)

  5. As salam... nice blog.... hope we can share story... i am just the beginner as blogger and mommy to be soon.... Sudi2lah jengah blog i juga....



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