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MY little mister, mama awaits you!

Earlier in my pregnancy, I promised the big guy that I would make sure to iron his work clothes to be worn during my confinement. He told me not to make sweet promises coz I might not be able to deliver it. Yalah, bini dia sejak mengandung ni memang pemalas semacam ja! Hahaha!

But during these final weeks, I don't know why tapi ada rasa sedikit rajin mau buat kerja! Hehe. So my aim is to iron his clothes for one month, mithali takkkkk????? :-p Well, so far I've only managed 2 weeks worth of clothes to be worn, let's see if I can manage for another 2 weeks. :-)

Basically, I'm all set for confinement. The lil bro's and my stuff - essential ones to be used in confinement - are mostly ready. Now I'm just anxiously waiting to meet the little mister. Please come out soon, love. We all can't wait to see you!!!


  1. rajinnya.. mood dah datang kan...

  2. Salam perkenalan Drama Mama..
    Saya Khairani, seronok baca blog ni.
    Saya masa pregnant pun "rajin" jugak. Tapi thats normal ^_^ Bawa perut cepat letih kan..

     Nanti jemput ke blog saya ye.



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