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Of pregnancy progress and my firstborn

Lately, it seems like all I could talk about is my pregnancy and stuff related to it and the lil bro - who's doing well in there Alhamdulillah.

This time around, I opted to go to a Muslim male gynae (Dr. Quah of LWE) just because I have some previous issues with the only available Muslim female gynae in my area. And though most people would choose a female gynae over a male one, we are more concern to have a Muslim gynae because that's the pair of hands (insyaAllah) that's gonna sambut our baby. The first to touch him and greet him. Hopefully he'll do it with a round of selawat and doa to welcome the lil baby's arrival into this world. InsyaAllah.


As of last checkup (which was only last weekend), I am currently in my 33 weeks pregnancy, and the baby already weighed 2.4 kg *gasp!*. According to my reading, the average weight for 33 weeks should be around 2kg, so I'm a tad worry that lil baby would come out big! I am really really hoping for a normal delivery this time around, and I think it'll help making my first normal delivery experience less horrific if the baby isn't too big. Hehe. But whatever it is, may Allah make it easier on me and everyone around me insyaAllah.

My weight gain so far, ain't too bad I think. I've gained around 6-7 kg and I still have 7 more weeks to go. I hope I won't be gaining to much during these last few weeks though. Hopefully total weight gain will be below 10kg as I was already fattttt to begin with! :-p

How's the lil guy taking it so far?

Well, he's all excited for baby to come out of course. He has so much plan to care for and play with the baby. He wants to prepare the lil bro's milk, change his clothes, share all his toys with lil bro and the list goes on. Most importantly, I guess he's just excited to have a sibling in his life. Hopefully he'll be a good brother to all his siblings insyaAllah.

Despite the excitement, he's being a tad too emotional and manja too. He cries at every possible opportunity now; kena marah sikit nangis, when we forbid him from doing something pun nangis. That is so unlike him. Plus these past few weeks he's being extra clingy. Wanting me to do everything for him whilst he had long been an independent boy before this. Paling 'menyayat hati', he'd hold my hands in bed and would randomly give me a hug so tight I am left breathless most of the time.

Son. Please remember that no matter what, I will always love you just as much as I've loved (and still loving) you. No one can replace you in my heart. Mwahhhhs!


  1. congratulations dear rest well :)

  2. terharu je baca..najiha pn masih nk duduk dgn i kt depan masa perut dh memboyot saat2 akhir, mmg manja sgt..mcm diorg tahu2 je kan..

    u rehat bebanyak and keep being happy key.. wish u all the best babe..



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