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Missing him so much!

Hubs went for a business trip to Langkawi last weekend, from Friday-Sunday. He rarely, and I really mean rarely, goes on a trip away from home without us. So at first I really hated the idea of being away from him for almost 3 days. Nak kena handle si kenit ni sorang2 pulakkk kan...argghhh stress! But no matter what, he still had to go since it's a work-related trip.

But in the end, we kinda enjoyed the being-away-from-each-other moments because we were such lovebirds during those 2  and a half days. Kept texting each other and of course, gayut on the phone is a must. Just like the old days. Oh such a blissful feeling to miss your other half that much. Lamaaaaa tak rasa camtu. Hehehe.

 And since he came back with goodies for us, it made it even better! 

So the moment he came back I asked him, when are you gonna take your next trip? Perhaps to US ka? I need to prepare my list of souvenirs I would want from there! Muahahaha!


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