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Mari puaskan nafsu!

It is a well-known fact, that pregnant ladies and craving tidak dapat dipisahkan. I had been having serious cravings during my 1st trimester, because at that time I had trouble eating and keeping the food down. I had cravings almost daily back then, and would only eat food that I craved. Lucky the hubs was kind enough to try his best finding them for me.

Anyway, I haven't had any particular cravings since after 4 mos. But suddenly since last week I've been craving to eat at this ikan bakar joint in Kepala Batas. It's one of our fave ikan bakar joint but the place is always filled with people.  So you hafta be there early to get the maximum choices of lauk-pauk.

We had a huge platter of ikan bawal bakar, daging bakar, sambal petai, fish curry, air asam, sambal belacan and ulam-ulaman. With a glass of drink for each of us.The bill came up to RM44. Not bad! Hubs said, he didn't get the satisfaction of eating though, like we did before. No satisfaction and 3 and a half plate of rice. Kalau makan puas agak2 berapa pinggan nasi? Lol!

This boy huhhhhh....orang makan nasi, dia sibuk nak makan marshmallow. There was this makcik selling all sorts of nick-knacks just nearby, and this boy couldnt take his eyes off the chocolate fountain the whole time we had our lunch. He made his dad promised to buy him the choc-covered marshmallow if he finished his lunch, and he managed to finish only a quarter plate. Susah betoi nak makan!

And he did not even finished the marshmallow. Had half a stick before he gave me a puke-induced face. I asked him why. He said "Irfan tengok TV, Irfan hengat marshmallow tu keras. Tapi (rupanya) lembik. Yucks!!!". Lol!

And since we had already crossed the bridge just to have our lunch, hubs decided to send our water heater for repair. I've actually been getting used to the cold water but since the baby gonna be popping out in the near future, water heater becomes a necessity again.

Anyway, I'm seriously impressed with their service! Hubs went up the office for about 15 minutes or so, and he came back down with it having been repaired. Service sangat laju hokeh!


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  1. makan dulu apa2 nak mkn sblm ken apantang nanti ehehe



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