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Guling2 tahan sakit!

My pregnancy this time is definitely not all sweet and dandy. Of course neither the 1st nor the 2nd was like that too.

This time around, the sickness during the 1st trimester was definitely worse than before. Though I did not lose as much weight as I did with the 1st pregnancy, I still think the vomiting was even worse this time than it was before. At times rasa macam nak get myself admitted to the hospital so I could avoid eating and vomiting. But alhamdulillah it passed as I entered my 2nd trimester and my appetite improved much to my delight!

During the 1st pregnancy, I prone to faint anytime, anywhere in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Only towards the end did my gynae managed to find out the reason for it : LOW HEMOGLOBIN! But this time around, awal2 gynae dah prescribe me with iron so the dizzy spell isn't as bad as before. The worst problem for me now, as I'm entering 22 weeks of pregnancy, is gas. The problem is so bad that I would be scrunched up in a fetal position, crying so hard every time it strikes.

Last night was the worse. I dunno the reason that it happened but I assumed it could be because of the food that I consumed. The pain struck 3 times last night, every 2 hours and each time it only ended after I puked the whole content of my stomach till there was nothing left to throw out!

It was so painful and it sapped me off whatever energy I had left every time. So after the 3rd round which happened at around 2am, I urged the big guy to bring me to the hospital! I was kinda worried if lil baby is affected by what happened as I didn't feel much of the movement but alhamdulillah, everything was fine.

Pity the lil and big guy as they had their sleep disturbed by me weeping in the middle of the night.But I thank Allah for an understanding husband who try his best to be there for me whenever he could. Syukur!

The 'angin' problem still continue till today, but I'm hoping it'll go away soon and never come back! Tak larat dah tahan sakit. Rasa macam dok practice tahan contraction pun ada gak!

Ya Allah, please ease my pain, dan permudahkanlah. Ameen!



  1. siannya u. as for ma dh masuk 2nd trimester ni selera memang makin baik la. cuma yg xbest pinggang dh start sakit..x selesa dh nak tidur

  2. semoga dipermudahkan . lain2 pregnancy lain2 ragam kan.

  3. Masa i pregnant dulu pun sama jugak, angin mcm nak gastrik pun ada.
    Dr gave me gaviscon liquid and gaviscon tablet to chew whenever the angin strikes. U shud try!



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