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Ya habibi!

The other day we went to Penang Hill. 

The lil guy was having fun at the playground and at one point there was this Arab boy who came and  joined him at the slides. After a while, the little guy decided to move to the nearby swings. While he was running to the swing, the little Arab boy shouted at him "Habibbbb!!!!" (or at least that's what I heard he said).

The little guy ran back to the boy and much to my amusement he asked, with hands up in the air "APA YANG HABISSS HUH???? APA YANG HABIS?"

OMG!!! I just couldn't help laughing out loud at that hilarious exchange. This must be exactly what people meant when they say 'Macam ayam bercakap dengan itik!'. Lol!!!



  1. Hahahah.. comey! Irfan pasni blajaq B. Arab ngan Mama tauuuu

    1. Haha ayu...mama dia pn dah lupa. Hopefully dia blajar Arab rajin2 kat school and can teach the mama!

  2. yaa maulana *sambung ayat jap* :P



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