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Check it out uols!

I had been slacking in updating this precious blog of mine, I know. And I blame my new-found interest in twitter. I could just tweet and tweet and tweet and not do anything else for one whole day.

Anyway, I had also been busy completing some diaper/baby cakes order since a week after Aidilfitri. Check out my other blog for more updates on the diaper/baby cakes and stay tune for our new product coming soon.

I am actually very-very happy when I get this order, because this is the first high-budget order I got. Happy to experiment with a 3 tier cake, and again, my FIRST uols! Thanks to the ever-so-generous customer for the order. And she was ever-so-nice too. Kept thanking me for everything when I should be the one thanking her for placing the order. Hope you love the cake darling!

And to you people, have a good day ahead!



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