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Hanya kerana dua ketul ayam...

Yesterday was the first day we break fast outside this Ramadhan. Like seriously, I don't find it so comfortable to break fast kat luar nowadays. Macam tak puas. But then again, since yesterday we went out to shop, breaking fast outside was a better option than heading back home to prepare a feast after we were done shopping. Plus, saya mengidam McD! Lamaaaaaaaaaaa tak makan wooo! Hehehe.

But it wasn't really an enjoyable experience lah. I think both of us were having mood swings kot. So semua serba tak kena. We're usually like that, time nak dekat dekaaat bukak posa, the blood can easily go upstairs! Maybe cause it was due to hunger kot. Hiks. Like they say, hungry (wo)man is an angry (wo)man  Haha! 

And then, to add 'icing on top', while he was busy buying food,  the little guy nak kenciiing plak! Usually if he needs to go to the loo when we're out, it's his father's duty. So when he told us he wanted to potty, I just sat there on the bench making a blur face at him till the big guy took over. Sampai toilet, he refused to go in coz the toilet was yucky! Sampaiii la kena jerkah ngn bapak dia and he wailed so both of them berdrama swasta in the toilet. After done with the drama swasta, the big guy saw an amoi terjenguk2 from the next stall. Apparently he got into the wrong toilet. Hahahaha! Memang drama swasta betoi nasib tak kena hambat ngn penyapu!

But still, when it was time to break fast, we all walloped our food gratefully. The little guy was happy with his cheese burger, and I was happy that I got my spicy chicken after so long!

But halfway through eating, boleh tak budak ni nak POOP pulakkkk! Terus bapak dia suh pack semua hangkut balik! Haiyaaaaaaaaa son! Why la you like that one?!?!?!?

Tomorrow, insyaAllah we'll be out for another break fast session with the big guy's colleagues. Tolong berak siap-siap kat rumah ok budak kenit!


  1. nyumeeeyyy!!! i had mine the other day also but ali forgot to order my fav part ... he posa so tak pe la ... =P

    btw tell Irfan nak pi hotel ... cantik one so no one is allowed to poop there .... *evil grin*

  2. alahai kesiannya :) my nuha POOP masa tengah semayang isyak hr kedua kat surau. terus tak jadi nak solat terawikh..huhuhu

  3. LOL!!

    mmg slalu camtu. kalau kat luar mmg i la kena bawak dia pi toilet. tp kalau kat rumah, sila pergi sendiri. haha

  4. tadik ckp kt papi nak g jenjalan kt jusco sbb nk survey barang. papi ckp 'so i kena buka kat luar ke?' errr errr i xsuka buka kat luar sbb leceh nk pi solat pas tu err err err.. mcm la aku pose hahaha

  5. papakeechee : haha if dia nk ke toilet tom, confirm abah dia ask me to bring coz he'll need to socialize kan. haha!

    elissmie : aiseh! haha. diorang ni time2 camtu mmg nk poop kan. huhuhu

    nannoor : haha. dia ble pi toilet sendiri kat rumah eh? bagusnya! irfan till now i hafta bring him. tskkk!

    ely : haha susah kan berbuka kat luar. i pn agak2 rimas, prefer the comfort of our home. u takleh posa eh babe? takut dehydrate plak lagik kang kan.

  6. Hahaha give an award for littel guy for the best drama yesterday.. Hana mau xanginkn sis, kejap nk pee,kejap nk poop.. haha tgh berbuka plak tu. Kalo bukan namanya kanak2, memang tak ada hari huru hara. haha

    pssst: same taste lor, hana mengidam nk mkn bcg ni. yum2..

  7. ihiikss..
    dalam citer hangen2 tu ada part tsilap toilet plak..

  8. Kene toilet yg kotoq tu mau I yg nanes nanti!! Sbb tu I masih pakai kan diaper kalau nak kuar hehe



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