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Spelling disaster

The little guy tengah kemaruk mengeja now. He'll look at words all around him and starts to show off his spelling skill.

The other day in my SIL's car, he saw the word 'PRESS' kat that place you buckle up your seat belt. So he went "P...R...E...S...S....hmmm.. seat beltttt!!". Haha!

This morning, he played a game and managed to move to the next stage, so kat screen tulis 'CONGRATS'. He spelled the word and screamed 'menangggggg' dengan penuh perasaan. Haha!  And oh, he plays online Scrabble too, much to my amusement.

Anakkkk oh anak!


  1. soooo cute....
    these are amongst moments to be treasured...

  2. hahahaha..ikut sedap dia jer sebut yer :)

  3. hahaha ... here's another one which he SHOULD KNOW ok ... WAJIB!!! ... A.Z.R.I.N.A ----> BIG MOMMY!!! ... wakakakak

  4. bole kawan ngan sarah le kan my girl..dia kenal huruf tapi tak reti lagi nak baca..pernah sekali i tgh chat ngan my friend tiba2 i dgr dia eja then tgk2 dia tgh mengeja kat chatting box my friend hahahahah gelak besar my friend..yg kuar pasti nama dia le kan maisarah, then ibu , itik hahahah..

  5. hihi.. lawak and comel!

    Aunty give u an A for effort ok, Irfan :D

  6. hee heee..bijak la tu kiranya.
    sama mcm adam.

  7. sangattt advanced!
    dah takyah bukak kamus...



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