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Of our weekend getaway to the Kulau Pangkor!

Our weekend getaway to Pangkor was a short one - 2 days 1 night. Dah nama pun weekend getaway kan, bukan one-week getaway. Hehehe.

Most people say that there's nothing in Pangkor that can make you wanna stay there longer. I think it depends on the purpose of your vacation. Kalau nak seight-seeing, jalan-jalan, there's really nothing much to be seen around the island. But... If you enjoy just hanging around the pool and the beach, this would be the perfect place for vacation provided that you get a nice hotel to stay at. So boleh la lepak-lepak hotel saja kan

As for me, one day was enough but if just we've felt the need to extend our stay, I'm pretty sure the big guy wouldn't mind to just hang around room doing nothing. Because that's what he's best at! :-p


Following a friend's advice, we took the ferry at the Marina Island jetty, and I am so very glad that we did! Because the atmosphere here is sooo much better compared to the Lumut jetty. And the journey from here to Pangkor by ferry took only about 15 minutes.

Stop camwhoring me mama! I need to potty! Hahaha!

The journey by ferry was pleasant enough but boy! It was filled with people. Semua orang nak weekend getaway ka nih?!? Hehehe. The moment we stepped foot on the Pangkor Island jetty, the little guy screamed in delight. "Yayyyy! We made it to the Kulau Pangkor!". Errkkkk...Kulauuuu?  Hahahaha!

to be continued...


  1. beshnye!!! i suka pangkor cuma xsuka nk ke sana.. jauhhh xsabo nk smpai.. xbleh tgk irfan.. tingat sami huwaaaa

  2. i pi kulau pangkor aritu x best. maybe sebab hati i masih chenta kat kulau perhentian.
    u pi, best x?

  3. menarik!!!! it's been ages since i went to pangkor! OMG!!! lamanya tak pergi sana. Last time pergi mmg kecik lagi. hihihi... i would love to come back there... someday... :)

  4. ahh bestnya dpt weekend getaway...bila la aku punya turn ni. la ni apa getaway pun tak boleh..sadis huhuhu.

  5. urm..hubby masih berhutang nak bw g pulau pangkor ni ..dr zaman berchenta lg...sampai la xbawak2.. :(
    dulu duk kat manjung 1 semester and another 4 years at seri skandar tp g pangkor baru sekali sepanjang duk perak tu...huhuhu

  6. NICE!have to reach Pangkor one day.. :)

    ur trip makes me wanna have one too huuhu



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