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It's not the wedding of the year but it was the most fun wedding by far!

Had a great weekend. Though tiring, it was much fun organizing my lil brother's wedding!

And it was made even more fun when I got appointed as the Project Manager by my elder brother yang kuat ngelat cum The Chairman. Thus, given the honor to order people around. Seriously! My main task for the wedding was basically to be on the phone and yell at people for not doing their jobs properly. How fun was that! Ngiahahahaha!

 Hmmmmm...I think I wanna change my profession from being a SAHM to being a wedding planner lah after this! Ngeeeeeee!!!


  1. i support you! deco cantik.majlis meriah.:-)

  2. did u put the fake lashes on? mana gmbr???

  3. aisehhh..too late la. i dah ada 2 anak.
    kalo x, leh hire u as my wedding planner.
    err.kawan2 ada diskaun kan?kan?

  4. ummi : haha support eh. thanks ;-)

    lieyn : yes i did! tapi dalam pics tak nampak kannnnn padahal in real life mekap dah kalah opera cina. hiks!

    isabelle : haaa takpa nanti hire me for ur boy's weddings k. haha!

  5. abanglong or kaklong memang dah by nature jenis gituuuu! kita lah adik2 yang alfenatttt...heee...



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