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The chef back in action!

It was almost 3 months ago sejak dapurku berasap. Well, literally I mean. I have not been cooking proper meals for us ever since I got pregnant. So believe it or not, this morning I was so enthusiastic to cook my first complete meal after 3 months long!

I started with cleaning the fish and oh boy! I have to say, I'm soooo out of practice! It took me longer to clean them than it used to. And it didn't help that the little guy wanted to be around and 'helped' me out with everything.

Tapi nasib lah dia tak tahan bau hanyiaq ikan. He kept holding his nose and made a motion as if he was gonna throw up the entire content of his stomach! "Mama, yucksss! Busuuuuknya ikaaaaaaaannnn!". Hahaha!


  1. Haha.tak tahan the last sentence!

  2. ahahaa..
    ada jugakkk pembantu chef yaaa...
    irfan ohhh irfan...

  3. congrats!i baru tau u preggy.sgt ketinggalan okeh.



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