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Pooping everywhere!

I know that some people are with the opinion that when you have little kiddos at home, it's better to keep the house deco at it's very minimal. No nice looking sofa, carpet, rugs yada yada yada.Everything should be practical and functional.

But being me, I could not help wanting to get nice nice things for the house. Coz I'm living in it 24 hours a day. And I strongly believe that if we educate our kids earlier on NOT to mess with the mommies pretty vases and stuff, they would grow up to appreciate it. The key here is PATIENCE, or in my case, SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNG everytime the little guy break a vase of soiled the rugs. 


So last weekend we went carpet scouting. Our main goal was to get a shaggy rug because yours truly has been drooling over it for quite some time. But man, the good ones are all sooooo very expensive. The ones I liked cost around RM800, and that's totally out of our  tiny budget! So we ended up buying something almost similar to shaggy, the bulu-bulu type still but wayyyy cheaper.

So once the rug has been placed, I kept reminding the two boys NOT to eat or drink within the perimeters of the carpet. For the first 2 days, the two boys performed well. But last night, for some unfathomable reason the little guy went and poop on it!!!! Like why oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did you do that?!? Nasib la mak hang tak beli karpet 800 hinggit tu!


If you happened to hear a thunderous sound in the sky last night, that was probably my earsplitting shriek aimed at the little menace!


  1. oh my!!i pon terasa nak menjerit terkejut baca ur story...hehehe

    hang ni mmg nak kena dgn mama!!!

  3. uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    sbb tu laaa kita nie tak beli yg mahal2 kannnnn *ihiks*



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