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The Anniversary Dinner!

On our anniversary this year, we decided to just dine out coz I needed a break from the kitchen. Though we very much would like to have a romantic dinner just the two of us, but kesian plak kat si kenit ni coz he had been pestering us not to leave him behind. Dah pandai dahhhhh budak ni pun! So, after much deliberation, and thanks to Mr Google too, we decided to have it at the Lebanon Restaurant in Feringghi.

 Why this restaurant?

Exactly! Because it serves Western (my choice) Italian (little guy's choice) and BBQ/Grilled Meat (big guy's choice). Since everything is under one roof, we didn't have to compromise on anybody's choices. Brilliant!

The little guy was pretty cranky throughout the day that day because he was having a fever. Thank God that they have this mini garden with water fountain and little fishes swimming around in the tiny pond. So he was kept occupied while waiting for the food to arrive.

The service was quite good. As we reached there quite early, there weren't many customers around so our food was served pretty fast. Only after 8pm, more people started coming in, but most of the customers were foreigners.

We chose to have Lebanese Cocktail and Pineapple Juice, priced at RM12 and RM9 respectively. For starters, I chose lentil soup because, well, I've always seen and heard about it, so thought of giving it a try. The soup was priced at RM10 per bowl. Seriously, I think it tasted very much like dhal! Just add a fancy name to it and you can already make good money out of it. Hehehe!

For the main course, the little guy wouldn't eat anything else but spaghetti, so carbonara it was for him.  A plate of Carbonara with a generous amount of chunky chickens sprinkled on top cost RM20 each. Not bad really. The little guy did not leave even a single strand of spaghetti in the plate but he didn't touch the chicken at all. I think he's getting bored of chicken already!

The big guy had a platter of Mixed Grilled, priced at RM38 per plate. It has grilled lamb, chicken and I'm not sure what the other piece of meat was. There were some pieces of Lebanese bread included boleh la buat cicah dengan 'dalcha' tu! These are pretty good but what I can't really get enough of is the white sauce. I think it's some sort of mint sauce and oh my! They tasted heavenly!

As I've been watching too much Masterchef recently, I really wanted to have a western meal. They don't have that many choices of western meals though, so I decided on the tenderloin steak with black pepper sauce, because that has always been my all-time favorite. But it was a let down because the tenderloin was not so tender! And priced at RM45, they're the most expensive dish we had that night.

We finished off the dinner with a cup of Cappuccino for moi, and a tiny little cup of Turkish Coffee for the big guy, both priced at RM9 each. The Cappuccino was soooo creamy and heavenly but the Turkish Coffee was the one that stole the limelight that night! The moment the big guy sipped on the coffee, his eyes went all rounded and exclaimed in a suffocating voice "Allahuakbar! Cerah mata aku minum kopi nih!". Hahahaha! Yeah, the coffee has a herbal taste to it, and if you are not fond of herbal drinks, then I advise you to steer clear of it. Hehehe!

The dining experience was pretty fun, because of the thrill we had of testing out food and beverages that we've never tasted before. But in my personal opinion, it would be better to stick to Lebanese/Arabic food when you come to this restaurant, because clearly that's what their specialties are.

Thank you oppa for the treat! Nanti kita pi minum Kopi Turki lagi. Hahaha!


  1. great anniversary dinner!!!
    i like!

  2. happy anniversary!
    y big guy tutup muka?
    malu eh?

  3. happy anniversarry to both of u!



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