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Tak sukaaaaaaaa!!!!

Our anniversary is coming soon, and for the first time in our almost 4 y.o married life, I have nothing planned for the occasion. Somehow, this time I decided to to sit back and have the big guy making all the effort. Hehehe.

So I practically shoved my anniversary wishlist into his face. Expecting him to surprise me on the special day with the thing that I WANT. I know! The demanding wife, that's me. But he knows how to handle me being me in that sense, so that's why we're a match made in heaven. Heeeeeee!

And then while we went shopping for my brother's upcoming wedding, he surprised me alright! Not by bending on his knees and pop out that little blue box out of nowhere like what I was hoping for so now you should be able to guess what I was hoping to be surprised with. But by declaring that one of the wedding purchases we made was to be considered as the anniversary gift.

Totally a hopeless case!!!!


  1. Hehe happy anniversary to u guys..

  2. waaa...kalau camtuh u shud have pilih the blu box instead kan?adoi..napa la big guy tak ckp awai2...bummer..ehehehehe ada 2nd chance lagi tak?this is y i hate surprises...

  3. hehehe...
    ok la tu.charles & keith lagi.



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