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Obsession : Electric Blue Tops!

I am currently in love with this color. Marine Blue, Electric Blue, whatever you call it. If possible, I wanna dress from head-to-toe in that yummylicious color. Haha, kidding! But one thing that's true is I find it  extremely difficult to find a well-covered top in that color that suits me and my ciput budget well.

Image googled

Can anyone give suggestions on where to get 'em, please???!?!?!?


  1. u putih, pakai kaler apa pun lawa.
    tapi i yg x berapa putih ni pun ada jugak baju kaler tu.
    tang QBdah try cari ka?

  2. lawa jugak biru ni kan... dress gambo fes tu lawa laaaaaa...

  3. isabelle : dah! kat jusco lah...takdak yang best. and exactly that colro punya la susah nak cari. huhuhu

    echa : lawa kan!

  4. i ada tops warna biru gini. cuba tgk kt seed. not sure ada lg tak..

  5. oh i'm in love with this color too =)
    isn't it called royal blue? but whatever it is.. it looks stunning alright.


  6. joy : will check it out, thanks!

    sophie : stunning aite! :-D

  7. bai,
    i just bought a blue pom2 dress from if u had drop by my blog, i ada paste pic kat situ. lovin it! y dont u try thre?
    pastu u gi tak forever 21? kat sana byk gila fav..owh, electric blue is the current vibe for spring darl, best choice uu!! :)

  8. nak kerja tnb/lln ke? :P

    cant help u sgt coz aussie now autumn.. so warna2 suram kembali kepasaran.

    but i think u can get these kinda colors at butik2 baju fashion china/korean. u know lah kedai2 yg amoi2 biasa beli baju tu cam kat lowyat/sg wang tu. i biasa nampak baju gini kat my fav butik in kl sentral.



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